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“The Birth Of A Notion”

May 10, 2018

I imagine that many of you have read about Senator John McCain’s failing health and his request that both Barack Obama and George W. Bush give eulogies at his funeral  Oh . . . and also his insistence that Donald Trump not attend his funeral.  This planning of his final Senate hearing is a bit macabre but certainly understandable, particularly as it regards the Asshole-In-Chief (AIC).

This news story has prompted me to consider if I might have any special requests when my time comes.  And I do. I’d also like Obama to attend the final set of my last tennis match and perhaps say a few words. After all, he is a terrific speaker.  But I’m not so delusional that I don’t know that’s a real long shot.  However, like Senator McCain, I also am adamant that the AIC stay away. Under no circumstances should he be anywhere near my final serve.

And, I’m not alone. Not one person I know would want him to attend any of their occasions–happy or solemn.   So I’ve decided to launch the #IAlso movement both as a paean to the Senator and as a companion to the #MeToo movement.  Think of it . . . #IAlso could be the meme that, in shorthand, says that this guy is so vile and despicable that you wouldn’t want him around even “over your dead body”.  #IAlso.

Because Senator McCain is in his twilight, those of us who have disagreed with him may be more sanguine about the homages honoring his decency and morality. Maybe . . .  but not quite. Because, as right as Mr. McCain is about the venality of DJT, it’s too soon to forget that he is the one who, in an act of cynicism, introduced us to Sarah Palin by making her his running mate. It’s possible he fells guilty about that and recognizes that Ms. Palin may well have been the gateway drug that led us to a President who is so crass, corrupt and devoid of any humanity that he is unwelcome to attend funerals.





A Real Thrilla In Wasilla

December 31, 2017


Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier had their famous fight known as the “thrilla in Manila” over forty years ago.  Recently we had a smaller, much less well-attended and less publicized battle in Wasilla, Alaska. Ordinarily, this would have been big news but we’re living in (through) an era where everything short of nuclear war seems to fall in the cracks because of a chaos, disruption and outrage that has become almost commonplace in the Trump era.

Last week I came across an article about Sarah Palin and her  family that caused me, at first, to have very mixed reactions. It seems that one of her sons, Track, was recently arrested on a variety of charges including assaulting his father, Todd.  Evidently, Track got into a dispute with his father about borrowing a truck, physically assaulted him and then . . . well  you know how it is, one thing led to another and pretty soon Todd was leveling a shotgun at his son. Track is now awaiting sentencing.

Ms. Palin is and has been one of my least favorite characters in the political world over the last number of years. And I’ve written about her several times on this blog. Upon reading this story of family dysfunction, my initial feeling was one of Schadenfreude (the pleasure taken in someone’s misfortune). But then I began reading some other stories of misfortunes befalling the Palin household in the last several years and I softened and began to feel somewhat sympathetic towards her.  After all, it is the holiday season.

But then I read a news account of Track’s arrest (yes, another) about a year ago for beating up his girlfriend and Ms. Palin’s related comments and I felt the bucket of my new-found generosity of spirit spring a leak.  She attributed Track’s violent behavior to his Army service and the ramifications of PTSD.  No problem with that but she added, “and it makes me realize more than ever, it is now or never for the sake of America’s finest that we’ll have that commander-in-chief who will respect them and honor them.”  Seemingly, that inglorious draft dodger, DJT is Ms. Palin’s North Star when it comes to virtue. I then realized that she is the same idiotic panderer she’s always been and any feelings of empathy I had for her dissipated.

Which is really too bad . . . because I was really getting in this holiday spirit of “good will towards all men.”  Oh well, there’s always next year.

Folks, this concludes the ninth year of the blog.  You’ll be pleased to know that years #8 and #9 will be published as one volume in an attractive non-leather bound edition that will be available in the spring.  This year, we’ll be paying in bitcoins for you to take them off our hands.

We here at the blog factory wish you all a healthy and joyous New Year.