The Ice Breaker

Maybe you’ve not noticed but I haven’t written in quite a while. This, because I’ve been stricken, once again, with “bloggers block”, a malady I’ve suffered with three or four times during this blog adventure. The timing of my infirmity is particularly unfortunate because I’ve been making real strides in escaping my hermitage which would ordinarily yield some real blog fodder. Sadly, that has not happened.

For example, about a month ago Lebasi and I took a little trip to Charleston, South Carolina. The trip was timed to include my birthday. I thought my absence from home would somehow shield me a bit from the indignity of a new age.  Unfortunately, it didn’t.  Somehow overnight, I went from one ridiculous age to an even more ridiculous one. Funny how that happens.

Charleston is obviously very welcoming, gorgeous and even in light of its very complicated history, a real treat.  So despite the onslaught, we had a wonderful time.

As further evidence of my committment to escape the confines of my apartment, last week I took a trip with Lebasi to Washington, DC.  During our stay there, we visited a few museums including the Holocaust Museum.  I left there emotionally spent.  Also with a bad cold. Lebasi thought it was something I picked up from the throngs inside the museum.  I saw it as one last desperate attempt by the Nazis to get me. A clear sign that I’m both more suspicious and more Jewish than she is.

Before the “block”, these outings would have given me tons to write about.  I’m not certain, but I have a sense that the stuff that’s going on in the political world is overwhelming my sensibilities and may be preventing me from getting back to form.  I just know it’s waaaay more inviting to write about that than a travelogue.

Particularly the kind of sordid business that involves Michael Cohen and the Defiler In Chief (DIC).  For example, I’m tickled by the irony that the judge in Cohen’s case is Kimba Woods. Among Mr. Cohen’s “clients” is a Republican fundraiser who enlisted Mr. Cohen’s services to pay $1.6 million dollars in hush money to a former Playboy Playmate.  As luck would have it, while she was a student in London, Judge Woods worked for a period of time as a Playboy Bunny at the Playboy Club there. Who would’ve thunk it?

Before the “block” that could have been a riotous and interesting story.  So let us imagine this essay as one would look at one of those ships that break up icebergs.  As a small ice breaker assaulting a block of ice at least the size of the one that took down the Titanic. I think that’s what I may very well be up against.


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