Life Imitates Art

Not too long ago, I wrote a blog that mentioned my thrall with having a night-light in a bathroom.  Apparently, the geniuses behind the internet pick up everything one shows an interest in and obviously, they have a lavatory algorithm that they pass on to advertisers.  Why else would I get an email trying to sell me a device that would enable me to Transform Your Toilet Into a Gentle Night Light!  

The only thing missing is harp music

At first glance, I thought there was some merit to this gizmo.  Seemingly, it’s battery operated—so no outlet need be nearby.That’s good.  And it’s activated by a motion detector. You just show up near the toilet bowl and voila!, there’s a halo around the bowl. Very spiritual, I thought.

I was close to ordering one of these because I thought, at worst, it would be a great conversation piece. But I quickly nixed that as a possible ancillary benefit. After all, to show it off would mean inviting someone into my bathroom. Which is kind of weird. And the truth is, that before I would even get to that hard call, I’d actually have someone come visit me. So really, the only conversation I’d be having about my “piece” would be with myself. Which is also weird.

The motion detector aspect of the night-light was, at first glance, very appealing. I wondered how sensitive it was to activity; how close to the toilet bowl would I have to get for the damn thing to turn on.  ‘Cause if I’m busy stubbing my toe finding my way, that’s a real down side.  And then, of course, there’s the possibility that it’s overly sensitive . . . that it goes on each time you walk near the bathroom. I wouldn’t want that either.  I have a motion detector on my barn upstate near my driveway. When I arrive at night, floodlights come on and I can easily make my way to my house. But the light also goes on whenever a deer goes by; or a cat; or maybe even a mouse. Having those lights go on suddenly every so often is very jarring and I’m sure accounts for the tic that I’ve developed.

Realistically, there’s very little chance of either a deer or a cat setting that light off in my apartment. But if it did get activated because of the motion of something other than me, that would be very worrisome. So much so that I have a feeling that tic would be the least of my problems.


2 Responses to “Life Imitates Art”

  1. apt3f Says:

    yeah but how much weirder is it than all the other talking to yourself that (I presume) you do?

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