It’s here!  Yes, the latest edition of Iron(ic)man Triathlon  (this is Volume VI) has just been published and I’ve received a batch from the printer.  And I must say, it’s even more precious than the ones from the five years preceding this one.  But, there’s been a change in the unsales policy of which you should be made aware; whereas, in prior years, I’ve paid people to take them off my hands, I can no longer afford to do that.

You see, since my ret . . .reitrem . . .retirement, I am now on a fixed income and have to watch my Scan-neil[1]pennies.  So what I intend to do instead, is just leave the books all over town.  That’s right, just deposit them in random places.  With no fanfare or apparent calculation.  My inspiration for this method of distribution is all the attention that the renegade graffiti artist, Banksy, received last year in leaving his works throughout the City.

I’m not foolish, or maybe the right word is grandiose, enough to put myself in the same league as Banksy. I’m not delusional.  For one thing, I use both my first and last name, not some cool one name pseudonym.  And, of course, he gets all that media attention.  Add that he is, in fact, very talented and I can see where any comparison between the two of us is . . . how shall I say . . well, maybe actually it is delusional.

On second thought maybe I’m more like Johnny Appleseed than Banksy.  Certainly, in the respect that we’re both known by our first and last names.  Also, like me, he was almost as unknown and remained, by and large, anonymous.   And kind of selfless in his mission.  So yes, my leaving books all over the place is really just like Johnny A.

So for the next few weeks . . . or months . . . maybe longer, I’ll be traveling the city “planting” my blog books throughout New York.  I’ll be moving around by bike, car and subway looking for the most fertile places to leave them.  I imagine I’ll have to do a lot of walking too.  Jeez, all of a sudden this is sounding like a lot of work for one person.  Maybe I should hire someone to help out.  Hmm, I wonder what Banksy is doing in August.


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