“Heaventy And Hell Waits For No Man”

Just this week was the anniversary of my birth–my birthday.  Although I like the celebrating, the birthday song, the gifts and the attention, I have to say that I find birthdays, especially the big ones, a very mixed bag. Mostly because I’m pretty vain about my age.  Make that very vain.  For that reason I don’t ordinarily go around advertising how old I am; particularly because the “I thought you were younger”s are getting more and more rare.  Almost as rare as a 1909 S VDB Lincoln penny or a Honus Wagner baseball card.  And, of course, without the resale value.  And please . . . don’t take this lament as an as ass-backwards plea for you to feign surprise at how old I am.  I don’t need being pitiable added to my list of problems.

Since I don’t like just coming out and say how old I am,  what I’ve decided to do is hint at which number birthday this was; leave clues sprinkled throughout the blog which might prove to be a fun party game to play.  This is untrodden territory so please bear with me.

To celebrate the event, Yduj and I threw a small party.  It was a lot of fun seeing a bunch of friends.  And it was especially warming that my sister, Charnie, as well as my brother, Steventy, came to help me celebrate.  It’s unusual for we three to be together;  it’s during these times we find out that our recollections growing up are incredibly disparate. Almost as if we were raised by different packs of wolves.

As my birthday present, my son, Essej, assembled a digital album of about 100 slides taken of me, my friends and my life in the decade of the 70’s.  II’m not exactly sure why he chose that decade but it was really sweet of him.

I know this blog post is even more self-referential than usual.  But I hope you’ll give me a pass because an eventy like this doesn’t happen that often.  Actually, it happens only once in a lifetime.





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2 Responses to ““Heaventy And Hell Waits For No Man””

  1. sandra catania Says:

    Or as I say when I see my reflection “Just how
    did this happen?”

  2. stephanie cavanaugh Says:

    Speaking of the 70s. I recently realized that I can blow up contact sheet photos in photoshop (enough to see them anyway). Divad took such gorgeous shots of the Cobleskill front porch. Such beautiful little people we were.

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