The Signs They Are A-Changin’

A couple of weeks ago, Yduj and I went for a vacation to an island about an hour’s drive from Charleston, South Carolina–Seabrook Island.  The island, which has no commercial enterprises whatsoever other than a beach club, is lush beyond words. While there, we spent a lot of our time biking,  sitting on a lovely beach which was only a stone’s throw from our condo and swimming in one of the gorgeous pools that were close by.

Apparently, You Can't Be Too Careful

Apparently, You Can’t Be Too Careful

The  pool that we usually went to was shallow throughout and had markers showing the depth (which varied from 3′ to 3’6″) along with “No Diving” signs around the perimeter.  There was also a separate section in the pool for a children’s play area with sprinklers and a water slide.  This area was entered by walking down a gentle slope which would take a child from dry land into the water.  The “No Diving” signs were here, as well; including one where the indicated depth was zero feet.  Of course, it was zero . . . it was on dry land!  Maybe I’m being overly cavalier about this and should take this diving thing a lot more seriously; in which case, it might make sense for me to install some “No Diving” signs in my living room.

One evening, Yduj and I decided to have dinner at landmark restaurant in Charleston, Hank’s Seafood Restaurant.  The restaurant did not disappoint.  Yduj and I both had wonderful fish dishes.  I also ordered  She-Crab soup for which Hank’s is famous.  I hadn’t known that crabs have a gender but as I thought about it, I was glad it wasn’t He-Crab soup that I was eating.  Probably just a bit of homophobia.  In any event, the soup was fantastic.  Before we left the restaurant, I needed to visit the Men’s room.  When I located the area of the restrooms, I saw that the bathroom doors were cutely designated as, “He-Crab” and “She-Crab”.  And then I noticed a third door which had a sign, “Handi-Crab” on it.   My jaw dropped when I saw that and I made a mental note to notify the folks responsible for the Americans With Disabilities Act.

At the end of a really fun week, Yduj and I were driving back to the Charleston Airport through a commercial area with a lot of small businesses and fast food restaurants.  And then I saw a real estate office that had a huge marquee sign out front that caught my attention.  In foot-high letters,  it said the following:  ” Prices Are Rising.  Let Us Sell Your House…Now!”  I’m still scratching my head over that one.

I don’t know if this weird sign stuff is a Southern thing or specific to South Carolina.  Who knows . . . it’s possible there’s something in the water there; or maybe, it’s in the She-Crab soup.


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