The Blinds Leading The Blind


One of the things I’ve learned about myself is that whenever I move to a new place, anything that I will ever do in terms of decorating or fixing up will occur in the first month or so.  After that, I pretty much don’t lift a finger.  What this has often led to is my apartment looking very much as if I had just moved in. I only know this from the reaction of other people; as with many things, we lose a sense of perception and objectivity about that which we see daily.

I am living in my current apartment for about five years which means I’ve long passed the cutoff date for making any changes in my living space. But when something breaks or is no longer operational, despite my ennui, I find myself compelled to get into an improvement mode. Apparently, necessity is both the mother of invention and the nagging wife of intervention.

I have…or rather had, two very large accordion shades covering the windows in my apartment.  Looking back, these were some horrible bluish color whose distastefulness  had ceased to register with me after my first month of living with them. But one of them had stopped working, so in a moment of  exuberance, I decided to replace both with wooden slatted blinds which I ordered on-line. (When I was growing up these were always called Venetian blinds.  For some reason, that term has lost favor.  Seems to me the city of Venice is missing a huge marketing opportunity: “Visit Venice– city of canals, Doge’s Palace and…blinds!”)

I was concerned about installing the blinds on my own.  Even though I’ve put up lots of Levelor™ blinds (possibly named for a small town in the Loire Valley of France) in my time, the ones I had ordered were each about 7′ long and seemed like more than a one man job.  So with a vision of a fun buddy afternoon filled with measuring, drilling,and attaching brackets, all while drinking beers, I called my super-handy friend Drahcir to help me out.

Our first step after unpacking the blinds was to go over the directions.  Unlike those directions accompanying Ikea® products that show only a stick figure doing the assembly as if any moron could figure it out, these fortunately, came with written ones. The only icon that was shown was an image of a clock indicating that installation should take about 25 minutes. A half-hour later Drahcir and I were still going over the directions.

About three, four…maybe five hours later, we had finished our installation.  And I have to tell you, the Venetian blinds look fabulous.  Now, I regret that I hadn’t replaced the shades years ago.  I know there’s a lesson to be learned from this experience. I just wish I knew what it is.

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