The Five Books Of ….

This month marks five years of publishing my blog.  (And no, this isn’t my swan song.) I was planning, as usual, to publish last year’s essays as Volume V of the Iron(ic)man oeuvre. And then I got to thinking…how about adding year 5 to the other four and publish an actual book of collected works.  Clearly, my narcissism has outstripped (by a lot) my sense of propriety and any remaining shamelessness I possess.

A Prototype

A Prototype

This project was partially sparked by a gesture made to me by a friend, Luap #2, who works as a creative director at a big time publishing house.  When he saw the primitive covers of the previous blog books, he was moved to offer to design the jacket of my next publication.  So, inspired by the idea of adding a smattering of professionalism to the project, I spoke to my son, Essej, who mercifully, handles the nuts and bolts of the blog publishing business, about my idea.  Essej shot back (frankly, a little too quickly) that maybe a better idea would be to separately publish a “best of” volume with Luap #2’s professional cover design.  He suggested a book of the “fifty best” blog posts.

I seriously considered this until I started reading my old blogs in order to cull the “best” ones. Contrary to the common assumption that we are our own harshest critic, I’m not.  I love these little gems; and there’s over two hundred of them. I guess I could eliminate maybe seven or eight of them (including this one) and get it down to the best 200, but jeez, putting 150 of them aside seems almost cruel.  Having to choose some over others would be like deciding which of my children I want to leave the fortune to.  Although Essej hasn’t helped his cause any with that “suggestion” that there were only 50 good ones, it still would be an agonizing decision.  I don’t think I want to put myself through that.

Of course, there are other considerations…one being money.  As with most businesses, here at the blog factory we look for economies of scale.  It doesn’t cost much more to publish an anthology of 200 essays than one of 50 essays.  And as publishing costs keep rising, it’s costing me more and more to pay people to take the blog books off my hands.  So, I think a nice thick volume for which you would get… say, US $14.95 (CAN $13.25) is a pretty fair price to get these things out of my house.

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2 Responses to “The Five Books Of ….”

  1. Buzz Says:

    I would say “Keep ’em all in. They’re priceless!”

  2. iron(ic)man triathlon Says:

    Sounds like a MasterCard ad. (But I agree with you)

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