Glasses and Asses

A few weeks ago, Yduj and I made an excursion to a Warby Parker store in search of a new pair of eyeglasses for me.  If its advertising has missed you, WB represents itself as a new kind of optical store…and it is.  It was started a few years by a few hot shots from the Wharton School of Business as an on-line operation; it has since added some brick and mortar stores with its  flagship emporium located in SOHO.

The store is in a huge space which was filled with music, a young and friendly staff, tons of customers and a thousand eyeglass frames on shelves lining the walls.  More Apple Store than Lenscrafters.  All intended to make the experience feel like a party for myopics.

But getting glasses is not what this is about.  Because you see, almost as soon as Yduj and I arrived, I locked eyes with someone who looked familiar; and then I realized it was a friend of mine, Enaj.  Well, not actually a friend any longer.  For reasons I suspect have something to do with my politics, not anything between us, Enaj had defriended me on FaceBook a few years ago.  At the time, that defection represented a pretty good chunk of my Friends, so I took it rather hard. (Enaj was also a big fan and commenter on the blog…a double blow.)

In what felt like an awkward moment, I walked over and gave her a kiss on the cheek as I introduced her to Yduj as, “my friend, Enaj”.  That was meant to include at least a tablespoon (Enaj’s a cook) of irony. And that, was essentially our entire interaction.

**** A brief note here: I have a friend, Mas, who whenever he sees me, tells me that he really likes the blog, but it’s too long.  Mas, this is going to go on for a while and it’s not going to get much better, so you can stop reading here.****

This episode naturally got me thinking, once again, about what a strange business this FaceBook adventure is.  I can’t imagine a circumstance where I would actively drop someone as a friend when it would be so much easier to simply ignore them.  Why spend the time? And of course, when you’ve made it a point and have gone out of your way to eliminate someone, there’s always that chance that you’ll run into that former friend at …at…say, an eyeglass shop.

But then I realized–my relationship with FB is probably very different from the one that people who care enough to get rid of “friends” who have disappointed them, have.  They probably are more serious about it and use it in certain ways that I don’t quite understand.   I find that I’ll troll it only when I’ve exhausted other ways to waste my time and am still too lazy to pick up a book,  And I have to say, almost each time I do that, I feel both smug and envious with respect to my casual FB relationship. (That Zuckerberg guy is a freakin’ genius!)  The truth is all those sonograms look alike to me and I wonder why anyone would think that someone other than a grandparent would be interested in seeing one. (That’s me feeling smug.)  And then I see all these people “liking” the sonograms and I feel like, “Boy, I wish I had friends like that”.  (That’s me feeling …well, you know what.)

So, I’m considering taking a new tack.  I’ve just completed my once-in-five–years colonoscopy.  Before the procedure, I asked my doctor if I could get a copy of the video of my colon. (If the running time is too long, I may just use the shorter version: my semicolonoscopy.)  The next step is to upload it on my FB page. If it’s anything like I remember, I expect that it will make for some fascinating watching.  I just hope you “like” it.

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Dramatic tension...a polyp!

Dramatic tension…a polyp!


4 Responses to “Glasses and Asses”

  1. Sheila Says:

    semicolonoscopy!! happy new year!!

  2. Lav Says:

    Now every time i see you, i’ll be thinking of your…

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