The Urge To Surge

As some of you are may already know, it’s November.  Which means that the end of the year is soon approaching, a fact that is causing some panic here at the blog factory.  You see, in the past, each year’s blog output has been lovingly bound and published as a small gem of a book which would be a welcome addition to almost any library.  (Except the ones with real books.)  Unfortunately, this year some of the staff here have been incredibly lazy and undisciplined, and unless something drastic is done, this year’s “book”  will be more like a pamphlet.  So what troop surgeyou’re about to witness and be party to, is an upcoming blog surge.  Not to be confused with W.’s troop surge or Obama’s tech surge there will be neither additional “boots on the ground” or nerds being flown in from Silicon Valley. Instead (if all goes as planned), there will be more postings than either of us have time for.

Well, that’s not exactly true.  The staff here has plenty of time for lots more blog postings.  But writing without repeating ourselves is becoming harder (that’s what she said!) to do, largely because we can no longer keep track of what we’ve written.  (This is the opposite problem than the one that Rand Paul seems to be having.)  So, until we get some kind of  system in place to prevent it, it’s possible that this stuff may not be as fresh as we’d all like.  Right now, our focus is on quantity, not quality.

Another small housekeeping item:  you may have noticed a decline in the number of comments sent to us.  But the paucity is not nearly as extreme as it seems.  We get lots of comments that aren’t published because the folks at WordPress use a spam filter to prevent nonsense from getting through.  We think they may be overzealous in their censorship.  For example, the following remarks were prevented from making it to the site:

彼は完全に正直な目的だった高貴な 言語; が完全、正確な読みやすいスクリプトの可用性しかしまた彼軽蔑人気に近いピットマン速記彼または彼女 [落とし穴データ ストアと呼ばれる過去が説明された明らかにするでしょう。連接捧の経済的な成功は本当に商業的な組織の勝利だった: 私達は連接捧の利益をあなたを操縦する日刊新聞: 格安教科書と練習帳とコピー、するためにスピーチや学校でプロの教師訓練する必要  の簡単なトラン スクリプトされていません。だから、彼の「現在の速記」で…

I took this comment over to the Chinese laundry that does my sheets to get a translation. Unfortunately, I could barely understand what the shopkeeper said,  but I’m pretty sure I heard the words, “brilliant” and “asshole”. Isn’t that just like the Chinese!!  Always with that yin/yang stuff.


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