Who Knew?

An article in The Times last week had some interesting information about aging which I think is going to come in very handy. A nationwide study has shown that over the last twenty-five years the life expectancy of residents of Manhattan has increased more than any other county in the U.S.  The average lifespan of Manhattanites rose by 13 years. Not by 1.3 years but by thirteen years! 

Now, that doesn’t mean that New Yorkers have the greatest life expectancies in the country; that honor probably goes to some county in Mississippi where they eat barbecued ribs for breakfast.  But still,  it’s an amazing leap (hence, the exclamation point). And it’s no small sample. After all, Manhattan has a population in excess of a million and one-half people. Which, if I haven’t fallen on my head, translates into another twenty million people years that my Manhattan friends will be walking about.  I’ll bet there’s some real money to made from all that extra foot traffic.

The article included a number of anecdotal explanations for this remarkable statistic.  One was the various public initiatives taken to combat H.I.V. infections, heart disease, smoking and unhealthy diets.  Also, although the report naysays the impact of economics, it does ascribe a lot of the gains to the general “gentrification” of the borough.  I’m not sure how to reconcile those two theories…but I’m only reporting on what’s been reported.

Surprisingly, I haven’t heard any discussions at all about this study.  And I’m certainly not going to do anything to publicize it.  (I’ve found that the best way to keep these things quiet is to write a blog about it.  This almost always insures a level of  secrecy that the NSA would be jealous of.)  You see, I have a plan.  Sometime down the road, when it looks like the Grim Reaper and I are about to get more closely acquainted, I’ll leave Brooklyn and get a small sublet in Chelsea. That will add God knows how much additional time for me.  Now, if Bloomberg could just get that ban on giant soft drinks passed, my (extra) future would look even rosier.

My Hero!

My Hero!


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