My Left Body Part


Last week, as part of my effort to publish the fourth volume of the Ironicman blog, I re-read last year’s work in order to edit the preliminary copy.  This was not nearly as painful as you might think.  (For some unknown reason, I get a kick out of me.)  As I was reading the various blogs, I kept coming across references to my ailing left shoulder; not once or twice but a lot.  Apparently, the shoulder has been a problem for quite some time.  But it’s only recently that I have found out why…my rotator cuff has a tear.  It’s my non-dominant arm and while it is sometimes painful and almost always annoying, it’s far from debilitating.

Also last week, I noticed that the movie, My Left Foot was airing on one of the movie channels.  I saw it twenty-odd years ago when it first came out but I don’t remember much about the film other than that Daniel Day-Lewis gave a brilliant performance for which he received an Oscar.  But the confluence of these two events gave me an idea for a sequel or two.  Of course, the first sequel I’m speaking about is the movie version of my injury, My Left Shoulder.  And no, I’m not talking about some self-involved, mundane story of one man’s misfortune and the tribulations that ensue.  Not at all. This movie will be an uplifting and revealing tale of the heretofore unexplored world of ….physical therapy!

And who better to play me other than Day-Lewis?  The fit is so uncanny that it’s almost as if I injured my shoulder with him in mind.  Think about it (well…think about it when you have the kind of time on your hands that I seem to) we’re both thin and both had dark hair at some point.  Although he’s probably more lanky than thin.  Me, I’m closer to thin.  Anyway, a minor detail.  Also, he’s obviously gifted at playing parts where the “left” side of his body is really important.  So, that’s another way that Fate seems to have destined him be the film embodiment of my struggle.  But that’s not all.  Here’s the really freaky part: Mr. Day-Lewis is married to Rebecca Miller who happens to be Arthur Miller’s daughter.  At the height of his playwriting career, Mr. Miller was married to Marilyn Monroe.  And I, when I was a teenager …  and here’s the part that will make your hair stand on end…I used to be crazy about Marilyn Monroe.  How scary is that!?

As you probably know, Mr. Day-Lewis is famous for “becoming” the character he is playing.  Supposedly, when he was filming the Spielberg film, Lincoln, he stayed in character the entire time of the shoot.  This included, I suppose, wearing that stove-pipe hat when he went to Applebee’s for dinner.  His family must have loved that.  But if that’s his “method” he should be forewarned that being “Neil” all the time isn’t going to be a piece of cake.  I know it isn’t for me.


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One Response to “My Left Body Part”

  1. Rob Says:

    Ha!—”it’s almost as if I injured my shoulder with him in mind.”

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