Happy Anniversary!

One of the worst parts about not regularly going into the office formerly (and still) known as Garfield Realty is that I sometimes miss a great real estate episode.  This happened the other week and it is only vicariously that I’ve been able to enjoy it.  But here is the event as recounted to me by Luap.  All questions or complaints about this should be directed to him.  If you have anything nice to say, I’m the one you want to contact.

Luap was in the office and got a call from a young man who was interested in an apartment he had seen on Garfield’s website. Since he lived nearby, Luap suggested that he come by so they could talk about it.  The young man agreed but added a caveat.  He explained that he was a Japanese student and it would be necessary for him to take his shoes off in the office.  Luap said that was no problem.  The student then said that Luap would also have to remove his shoes; to which Luap also agreed.  Then, in a Columbo-like move, the client added that they would both have to remove their socks, as well. In the real estate business you don’t get a lot of opportunities for this kind of weirdness so Luap told him to come on over.

When the guy arrived, it turned out that he was a young black man.  When asked about being a “Japanese student”, he said that Luap had mis-heard and that he had said that he was a Japanese Buddhist .  He proceeded to sit down opposite Luap and take off his shoes and socks.  Luap then took off his shoes.  The young man then gestured with his head towards Luap’s besocked feet almost as if they were playing strip poker.  Luap complied, leaving the two of them barefoot in the office.

Luap asked how long he had been a Buddhist.   “Two weeks”, was his response.   I just love that.  Two weeks and already he’s a religious Nazi.  It’s as if I had decided to become an ultra-orthodox Jew on Friday and on Saturday I’m throwing stones at cars that are being driven on Shabbos.  Beware of zealots! (Sam Stein: circa 1955-1959,1963, 1966-1969.)

When their meeting was over the young man said  that he wanted to hold Luap’s naked feet so he could bless them. I don’t know what his problem is, but Luap told the guy he’s not turning his feet over to him for the blessing.  The young Buddhist than grabbed his own feet, said a prayer, put on his shoes and socks and left.

Luap told me this story when I saw him the next day.  I can’t begin to explain how cheated I feel;  this story should rightfully have been mine. Believe me, none of this kind of stuff goes on in my apartment, where I now spend too much time.  There’s only so much writing about nothing that one person can do.  Speaking of which, this marks the conclusion of the fourth year of the blog adventure. Yes, four years!  As they say, “time flies when you’re having gum.”




One Response to “Happy Anniversary!”

  1. Rob Says:

    Undercover foot fetishist!

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