Breaking News: Pope Takes Early Retirement!

"Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown"

“Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown”

For about eight hours, it was the news of the day.  But then the hunt for the L.A. cop killer escalated and the stir created by Pope Benedict XVI’s stepping down was downgraded from hurricane to tropical storm.

I was particularly interested in the story because it comes so soon after my own retirement; almost as if I’m a trendsetter and His Holiness had an eye on what I was up to and how I’m handling things.  And, as I think about it,  there are a number of parallels  in our situations. Quite a few, as a matter of fact.  Heads of important organizations; a reputation for always being right; leaving our leadership positions unexpectedly, to name just a few.

But he’ll find, as I did, that once he leaves his post as the Head of his company he will no longer be regarded as being infallible.  To the contrary, he’ll likely find that a lot of  systems he  put in place during his tenure will be dismissed as the work of a Luddite–relics left over from the twentieth century. He should be prepared for wholesale changes.  And if continues to show up at the Vatican (as I do at Garfield Realty), he’ll probably be seen as just another dumb shmuck with nothing to do and wind up with a desk facing a wall.

On the brighter side, if he follows my lead, he’ll no longer have to get dressed in all that regalia to stop by his office.  Although, I don’t see His Holiness in jeans, I bet dressing as if it’s “casual Friday” could save a huge chunk of his day.  It may even free up enough time for him to start writing his very own blog.  He hasn’t asked, but Popeman is one possible title that comes to mind.

Which begs the question: what will he be called?  Does he go back to his given name–Joseph Ratzinger? Or will he go by, The Priest Formerly Known As The Pope?  From what I know, these are uncharted waters.

In truth, I really don’t know enough to weigh in on this stuff.  My knowledge of the Papacy is pretty much limited to what I’ve learned from crossword puzzles.  Which means that I know that a lot of Popes were named Leo…or was it Leon?…  it’s one of those.  And there’s one other fact that rattles around in my semitic head;  I seem to recall that Pope Benedict XVI was a member of a Nazi youth group.  Or maybe it was the previous Pope.  Or, possibly both of them.  In any event, even though we’re both going to have pretty light schedules I don’t see lunch in our future.


2 Responses to “Breaking News: Pope Takes Early Retirement!”

  1. drahcir Says:

    LOL on this one. Speaking of Luddites, does LOL mean laugh out loud (as I intended) or is it lots of luck or lots of love, or is it completely contextual… lots of lotkes (to a follow semite)?

  2. iron(ic)man triathlon Says:

    rich… your idiot friend here on the east coast had no idea who this was from. and then with Lot Of Labor (LOL), i figured it out.
    my best

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