Law And Order

You didn’t ask, but I’l tell you anyway; my adjustment to the retirement thing has been a work in process.  I’m still making almost daily appearances at the office formerly and still known as Garfield Realty.  It remains the seat of the rest of my business life.  And technically, I am now a “consultant”, a dream I’ve harbored since I was a little boy.

I’ve already whined mentioned how the new owners, Zil and Luap have downsized my desk.   I was just beginning to get used to that indignity when one day last week, I came in and found that this toy desk had been rearranged so that I now face a wall.  Oh yes, a very lovely and newly painted one…but still, it’s a wall, for Chrissake!  Furthermore, “my” desk chair seems to be somewhere else each time I show up.  I think I may be using a “loaner” seat.

I’m trying very hard not to take this as having some greater meaning than it does. Not to personalize it.  And really, as I think about it, it’s probably simply a matter of no one giving a shit about me.

Actually,  it’s not just my desk that has been relocated; a few others have been moved so as to have that great wall view.  In fact, Luap’s desk is now facing the wall opposite mine.  So we now sit with our backs to one another.  I have a little game I play when I’m in the office–I try to see how many “huh’s” I can get from him when we try to have a conversation sitting that way.  That gets a little tiresome so at some point we spin around in our chairs so we can see (and hear) what is being said.  When we turn simultaneously to face one another, I have this momentary urge to draw a water gun and simulate the Hamilton/Burr duel.  That hasn’t happened yet.

It has occurred to me  that over the years Luap and I have spent enormous amounts of time with each other.  Possibly more, than with anyone else.  Which was usually a lot of fun. We would talk about almost anything… as long as it didn’t have to do with real estate.  It got to the point where one of us would finish each other’s–and this is where one of us would chime in—“sentences”.   We were kind of like those partners in police shows who would often be more significant than the “significant other” in each cop’s life.   True, we didn’t have badges.  Or uniforms.  And we didn’t ride around in a car together. And we don’t have guns. Or pensions. Or paid health benefits. Or a salary.  But otherwise, exactly the same.

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