“The Times, They Are A’changin'”

Big, big news at Garfield Realty.  First, about a month or so ago, Giarc (aka the “new guy”) left for what he thinks may be greener pastures. Since he is no longer covered by our witless protection program, I can now reveal that his name is Craig.  Upon request, I’ll provide his last name and Social Security number.  (We take loss here very hard.)  After he left, there was a flurry of hiring trying to fill the void that Craig’s defection  departure has caused, about which I’ll apprise you at another time.

But the biggest news (particularly for me…and if this isn’t about me, what’s the point?) is that in just a matter of less than a fortnight I will be reti…, retir…retiring.  Wow, that was hard to write.  I’ve been preparing for this for a while.  I started cutting down on my hours in the ’60’s and have been weaning myself of any work ethic for decades.

But still, this bit of extra time will present some challenges.  Yduj seems to be more worried than I am.  She probably knows something that I ought to know. So she’s suggested that I start an Occupy Neil movement to be the repository of suggestions for  all sorts of activities to keep me busy.  Of course,there’s a few that I’ve come to on my own: I’ll certainly spend more time icing my aching shoulder.  That may turn out to  take a major chunk of my free time right there.  Also, I want to spend some time finding the perfect martini glass.  Heretofore, I’ve dabbled at doing this in a scattered way.  But now I’ll have the time to methodically evaluate each of them as they ought to be judged…filled with Ketel One.

I’ll also have even more time to spend writing for the blog factory.  This, I think, dovetails quite nicely with Philip Roth’s declaration that he’s done writing. So…less of him, more of me.  Which means,  you’ll be getting more emails from me; which means, I’ll  be getting more “could  you remove me from your email list” from you.  Just remember, requests of that sort need to be sent certified mail. And notarized.

Luap and Zil will be taking over this Fortune 500,000 company.  To further ease this retir..,retire..retirement  process, they have graciously provided me with a desk (albeit a lot smaller–I mean a lot smaller) to use so the sanctity of my atelier won’t be spoiled by such mundane things like checkbooks, files and staplers.  I think they’re planning on keeping me around as the Broker Emeritus of Garfield Realty.  Or possibly, they’ll just drag me out for the High Holy Days.  Which is fine with me;  I think I’d look pretty good in a white robe.

With the new (non)schedule, it occurs to me that I’ll be available for lunch most days.  I could put out  a mass invitation right here but two things could go very wrong.  Either all of you want will want to meet up or no one will want to.  Way too risky. Obviously, the  Occupy Neil movement has a lot of things to work out.

The broker, formerly known as Lien, along with Luap and Zil at the gold watch ceremony.

The broker, formerly known as Lien, along with Luap and Zil at the gold watch ceremony.


8 Responses to ““The Times, They Are A’changin'””

  1. Rich Says:

    Yikes, you’re younger than me and I see no end to my work life. How about lunch? The second Wednesday of January?

  2. Marguerite Says:

    Best of luck on your retir…retire…retirement! I’m sure you will find lots of things to keep you busy. Best of luck as well to luap and zil in filling your shoes.:-)

    • iron(ic)man triathlon Says:

      geez… the thought of luap and zil wearing my stuff isn’t that pleasant. let them get their own footwear.

  3. iron(ic)man triathlon Says:

    you’re right. i am younger than you. As for lunch…I think I have to rotate my tires that day.

    happy everything to everyone there!

  4. Kitty (My Husband Hates Veggies) Says:

    But who will there be in the office to avoid confrontation now?

    • iron(ic)man triathlon Says:

      Good point!

      Maybe I could do the avoiding from my house? or if necessary, go upstate. or further, if necessary.

  5. janetoo Says:

    the worst thing about retirement is the word “retirement.” I have been “keeping busy” finding an alternative. See you at the museum—the Brooklyn, the Prado or maybe the Louvre or, for that matter, the tennis matches or some #@#^% cruise in 20 years when we are to weak to lift our suitcases.

  6. http://yahoo.com Says:

    I speculate why you branded this specific blog post, “The Times, They
    Are Achangin Ironicman’s Blog”. Either way I adored the blog!Thanks for your effort,Oma

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