Momma Mia(ta)!

In the spring, for her 20th birthday, I decided to have my Mazda Miata detailed.  As you may remember, the Miata has been the source of a fair amount of irritation because of the warm and nurturing home she has provided for the mice in the barn where she is kept.  You should understand… just because I haven’t been complaining about the mouse problem doesn’t mean everything has been going swimmingly.  It hasn’t.  And, as long as we’re on the subject, don’t think my lack of whining is an indication that the ringing in my ear has stopped or that  my shoulder pain has gone away or fill in the blank is better.  None of that has changed either.

Apart from wanting to celebrate the car’s birthday, mouse things had really gotten out of hand and even I was finding it a little gross to drive the poor thing.  So I found a local place to have the car washed, waxed and cleaned out.  A guy who does some work for me, Dave, offered to follow me to the garage where the exorcism was to take place.  As I was leaving the garage, Dave showed me a mouse in a puddle of water just outside the entrance.  Doing the backstroke, I believe.  He informed me that he had seen the mouse jump from under my car as I was entering the garage.  I’m not sure about this…but I’m pretty sure that mice don’t travel alone so I was really, really happy not to have to get back in that car.

About a week later I picked up the car.  Clean as a whistle inside and out and (probably) rodent free.  As an additional birthday present (I can be overly generous sometimes), I had gotten a cloth car cover in an effort to keep the newly minted Miata as pristine as I could.  Also, as a sign to the barn mice that I meant business.

This arrangement seemed to be working out fine for a few weeks.  And then one weekend, as I was about to take her out for a drive, I was overcome by a really bad urine smell.  On closer inspection (I won’t explain what that means–if I told you, you’d want nothing to do with me) I determined that something or someone had peed on the carpeting on the floor.  Doing some quick calculations, I figured that it would take something like 276 mice to pee enough to generate that kind of smell.  Since it seemed too far-fetched that so great a crowd would get together for a party in my car, the mice were, for the moment, off the hook.

Dave happened to stop by the next day and I gave him the news about the pee smell.  He looked over at the barn and noticed that there was a hole at the base of one of the doors which, he informed me, was a sign that a gopher had decided that the barn was a fun place to hang out.  And go to the bathroom as well, apparently.

Since then, I’ve been dousing the car floor with everything you can imagine to clear up the smell. The results are… how shall I say, inconclusive.  But, if nothing else, I have a unique problem.  Unlike being able to get tons of information on-line about mice issues, googling, “a gopher pissed in my car” will yield zero results.  Big surprise.

And now, as the summer has worn on, more and more mouse droppings are beginning to find their way into the poor dear.  Funny…now that seems like the least of our problems.

When She Was A City Mouse-house


5 Responses to “Momma Mia(ta)!”

  1. paul Says:

    i just cleared a mother and daughter racoon off my boat – no easy feat. racoons love attics, cars, boats, etc. i now lock everything (those nimble hands) and put mothballs everywhere. i think the mothball strategy might work on the miata. great car !

  2. Your sister aka previous owner Says:

    You are definitely not getting the Ferrari .

  3. Rob Says:

    I LOLed at this one. Nice job.

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