Hot Dog!

What Can I Say?

It seems there is far less going on in the world that needs writing about.  At least, writing by me.  Or I’ve come up against the dreaded blogger”s block.  But, in an effort to keep the ball rolling I started a blog about the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.  I happened to tune in on the last couple of minutes of the event and was somewhat dumbstruck.  The camera was focused on the eventual weiner winner, Joey Chestnut, who would go on to eat 68 dogs in ten minutes.  Nothing I can write will do it justice but just try to imagine a large, very sweaty man shoving franks down his throat two at a time and then washing them down with buns soaked in water.  All done in a frenzy.  My jaw is still aching from having dropped as hard as it did as I was watching this. 

As interesting as that might sound, I just couldn’t come up with a way to entertain myself in writing about it.  Or anything else, for that matter.   Believe me…it’s not like I don’t get suggestions.  Several times a week someone will say something to me (which often isn’t clever, provocative, ironic or funny) and add, “You can write a blog about that.”  Easier said than done. Not everything is bloggable; and lately, very few things.

So the blog writing (which frequently takes place in my office) was put aside and I sat down to shoot the breeze with Luap and Giarc.  Luap happened to mention that a landlady we do business with had recently broke her wrist while playing tennis.  Apparently, she had tripped and must have braced her fall with her hand and broken it.  At least that’s what we surmised.   Now came what turned out to be my favorite part of the day.  The three of us had a very heated discussion about which wrist she had broken.  Giarc was certain it had to be the non-racket hand;  Luap and I both thought that it could easily have been either one, believing that she could have dropped or tossed the racket as she was going down.  Giarc was immovable in his position so I offered to go home and get a racket for him to hold as we pushed him over to see what results we got.  But, before we got to that, Luap mentioned that the landlady was coming in to sign a lease–so it appears that it was her non-dominant hand that was the injured party.  Which, as far as Luap and I were concerned, was still inconclusive.

Since there was still a lot of time left in the work day, I moved on to a question that often races across my immature mind.  I asked the boys if they thought, as I did,  that it’s much more common to see a good-looking woman with a not as good-looking guy than the reverse.  And unremarkably, they both agreed with me.  I hadn’t even completed my follow-up question as to why that is when Luap jumped in early as if he was playing Jeopardy and gave  a very reasoned answer as if this is something he’s given a lot of thought to.   Which is why I love Luap; like me, he spends way too much time thinking about nonsense. 

These are exactly the kinds of conversations that makes Garfield Realty such a fun place to work.  Believe me, the folks at Corcoran aren’t having these metaphysical discussions.  More than likely, they’re talking about brownstones, condominiums and coops.  Things like that.  You know….real estate.  Hah!  Maybe that’s something I could write a blog about.




3 Responses to “Hot Dog!”

  1. Knarf Says:

    I just love it! I’m coming back!
    Yaay Joey! A multiple time winner from the past.

  2. iron(ic)man triathlon Says:

    Funny….we didn’t know you had left.

  3. Mike McPartland Says:

    So what was Luap’s explanation? Is it that not-so-goodlooking guys usually have more money than goodlooking guys?

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