Calling Morgan Freeman

I’m happy to announce that Volume III of the Ironicman Blog has just been published.  Ordinarily, this happens in March of each year; this year we had to apply for an extension request which fortunately,  the IRS  granted.  So I now have the trilogy to which I have aspired ever since I was a little boy and dreamed about having my own blog.  Sometimes life turns out as you had hoped. 

Now that I have these three “under my belt”, I’m beginning my un-marketing campaign for the set.  The retail unsales price would ordinarily be US $18.50/CAN $21.35 but for a limited time and for the first hundred customers only, we at the blog factory will be paying our readers $15.00 to take these off our hands.  We expect to unsell out like coldcakes so we suggest that you take your time in acting on this offer.

Apart from this quirky un-marketing campaign we are also exploring other avenues to increase our distribution.  (Full disclosure: the “we” is used here very loosely.  Despite how it may seem, the blog factory is not some huge multi-national corporation.) As I was saying before I interrupted myself, we’re looking into alternative ways of widening our circulation.  One idea that has been floated is to turn them into audio blogs. Perfect to listen to in your car for that short drive from your garage to the street. Maybe get that guy from Frontline with the ominous voice to do the voice over.  Or better yet, how about Morgan Freeman?  Aside from the advantages of  his star appeal, he might also help us make some inroads with minority communities.  Yes, yes, that’s it…definitely Morgan Freeman!

But why limit ourselves to just audio? (This is how we brainstorm at the blog factory.) Why not have a video of Mr. Freeman reading the blog postings; using his Academy Award Winning acting ability to develop the blog characters beyond a pure narrative.  This is sounding great!  Create a vaudio!  (And coin a new term at the same time!) 

I’d bet getting Morgan isn’t going to be cheap.  And then there’s the issue of studio time.  But do we really need a studio?  Maybe not.  As I’ve mentioned in an earlier blog, we’ve concluded that probably the best place to read these things is in your bathroom.  So maybe that’s what we’ll do.  Have a video of Morgan Freeman sitting on my toilet bowl reading from the Ironicman Triathlon oeuvre. 

Besides coming to what I think is a terrific decision regarding the un-marketing campaign, I think there’s a valuable lesson to be learned here; and that is, sometimes you have  to let yourself dream big.   Because even as a little boy, I couldn’t possibly have imagined having a Hollywood movie star being filmed reading my work while sitting  in my bathroom.  Life is full of wonders.


2 Responses to “Calling Morgan Freeman”

  1. David Says:

    Many years ago, I knew a guy from Brooklyn who looked just like the guy in the picture. His name was Neil….something; can’t quite remember. Think he played tennis. Lived in Park Slope. Whatever….

  2. iron(ic)man triathlon Says:

    dave…dave, yes, that’s me!

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