Day Of (Non)Remembrance

Well, it happened again.  Not in  exactly the same way but close enough to scare the bejeesus out of me.  A few months back, I saw that David Sedaris was going to have a show at BAM and had ordered tickets for Yduj and me. When they arrived, I marked the envelope “Wednesday, May 7th” and entered that Wednesday on my calendar.  On Tuesday,  the day before the performance, I checked the tickets to see what time it started and that’s when I got hit with a scary glimpse of my life going forward.  I had the right date but the wrong day; May 7th was a MONDAY.  So unless Yduj and I got hold of that car from Back To The Future, there was no way we were going to see the show.

Of course, the first thing I thought about was the last time this happened when we were going to see a show at Joe’s Pub. The saving grace  in that case was that, because we had shown up a month early, my mistake was rectifiable (even though the damage to my self-image was not).  Here, it was so much worse; not only did  we miss out on the performance but the episode engendered a sinking feeling that I would now be treated like a child whose playdates need to be monitored. 

And as bad as that sounds, it gets even worse.  Now, when Yduj and I are fighting about something and recalling our own version of events, I’ve lost all credibility and she’s absolutely free to play the dementia card.  Do you have any idea what kind of position that puts me in?  I’ll help you out…not a very pretty one. Do you have any idea how many times I would have to show my mental acuity to overcome this disadvantage?  I’ll help you again…I won’t be alive long enough.

As you might suspect, this latest lapse has really gotten  me down.  But as usual, I’m surely being way too hard on myself and casting  events in the worst light.  The truth is I probably show up at the right place on the right day seventy-five, maybe eighty percent of the time.  When you think about it that’s not too bad a success rate at all.  After all, Ted Williams, who may be the greatest hitter ever, was only successful about 35% of the time.  Not bad company to find myself in.  I’ll have to mention that to Yduj.  If I remember.

For Sale At Face Value: Mint Condition


4 Responses to “Day Of (Non)Remembrance”

  1. Yduj Says:

    Uh-h-h-h David Sedaris….who is that again… were we supposed to see him?

    • iron(ic)man triathlon Says:

      aha! there goes your dementia card advantage. by the way….who are you again?

  2. Ray Says:

    $64.00 per ticket!!!

  3. iron(ic)man triathlon Says:

    don’t remind me! (and that’s without the service charge). turns out not all experiences are ‘priceless’

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