“Ringin’ In The Brain, Just Ringin’ In The Brain” (a sing along)

           “…what a glorious feeling, I’m happy again.”

A few weeks ago I started having a constant ringing in one of my ears. Around  the same time, I began having some dental work done…replacing a few crowns on the teeth my dentist and I conspiratorially  refer to as:  # 18 and #19.  I also needed some work done on #17 but I won’t bore you with that.  I’d prefer to bore you with my story about #18 and #19.  These poor teeth seemed perfectly fine to me, but apparently I was “this close” to having serious problems that might have ended in one or more root canal procedures.  So, the re-coronation of #18 and #19 are, in a way, preemptive.   Boring…right?  I try not to disappoint.

As I mentioned the ringing in my ear is constant.  It’s like having a white noise machine on all the time…so most of the time I don’t notice it.  But when I do, it’s all I notice.  Particularly at night when I’m lying in bed and it’s quiet and I’m trying to get soME SLEEP! (That’s my way of trying to get across my escalating anger aND Frustration.) I’m hoping this condition will vanish as mysteriously as it started but we all know how that usually works out.  I know I should visit a doctor but I’m afraid I’ll be informed that I have tinnitus…which I’ve heard (when I used to hear without the ringing) is not curable.  As an alternative to seeing a physician, I’ve thought about going on-line to do a search of my symptoms.  My guess is that if I do that, I’ll be thrilled to find out that it’s ONLY tinnitus that I’m suffering from.

These breakdowns (remember the teeth thingy) might get someone else down.  Not me.  I’ve just bought a new pair of rose-colored glasses at Pearle Vision (second pair, free!) and I’m remarkably sanguine about the whole thing.  I’ve come to realize that what I’ve got here is a machine that was manufactured in the 1940’s and some of the parts are going.  Fortunately, they’re still making replacement parts for the model that is me so it’s really not such a big deal.  And really, why wouldn’t I continue to make the necessary repairs?…I have mostly original parts, one owner… and while I haven’t been garaged (much), most of the time, I’ve been protected from the elements.  Yes, I have mostly city miles on me and a search will show I’ve been in a few accidents but these are things that just add to my character.  And occasionally, they give me something to write about.


2 Responses to ““Ringin’ In The Brain, Just Ringin’ In The Brain” (a sing along)”

  1. roberta berman Says:

    I knew you were a little different from most of us

  2. Mike McPartland Says:

    If you need a doctor who won’t trouble your psyche
    with a lot of bad news, I’ve got a good one. He touches up my x-rays and edits my bood test results. You might like

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