Awesome, Incredible And Amazing

I’ve been writing this blog for more than two and a half years and now find I’ve begun to run short of adjectives. It’s getting harder and harder  (That’s what she said!!- avoid using the most common ones.  This problem is partly my own doing. For starters, I never use the word “awesome”.   I’ve always felt it should be reserved for use only in the bible.  Or possibly in California.  “Amazing” is another descriptor I steer clear of.  And for some very good reasons.  When I used to on-line date, too many women’s profiles would include some reference to their “amazing child(ren)”.  This, I believed, was the handwriting on a wall that would eventually fall on me.  Beyond that, I think  “amazing”  is most apt when referring to Kreskin, Randi , Grace or the Mets.  

My boycott of those adjectives has put enormous pressure on my use of “incredible”.   Despite my best efforts to abstain from using it, it still seems to show up in every third sentence that I write nowadays.  But really, that’s nothing compared with trying to avoid using the adverb, “really”.  It’s amazing  incredible  really surprising  how much we all rely on that word.  It must be so worn out…or at least really terribly dog-eared. 

I wirte this just to give you some idea of the obstacles I’m up against in trying to stay fresh in writing what is now my 140th blog.  Actually, it’s really my 141st one;  about a year and a half ago I wrote a hysterical post entitled “Separate Checks”.  A number of people in my life thought that it was a bit too mean-spirited and I removed it after a week or so.  It turns out that art has its limitations. Still, it’s possible one of my readers may have  printed it and has one of the few extant copies.  If so, be careful with it; I’m sure it’s as least as rare as the Honus Wagner baseball card…and a lot more readable.  

Unfortunately, the inspiration for some of these writings sometimes comes in the middle of the night.  Occasionally I will make my way to my computer and touch type in the dark with my eyes closed so as not to fully wake myself.  Apparently I had my fingers misplaced on the key board when I typed what appears at the end of this posting.  A (very) small reward is being offered to anyone who can decipher it.

Lastly,  some minor housekeeping details:   I recently wrote about my 50th high school reunion (  Since that was published, I’ve noticed  people treating me with way too much deference…asking if I was okay, offering me their seat, etc.  As if I’m older than I am.  To set the record straight: I was barely sixteen when I graduated from high school.  So if we’re on the subway together, and we see a vacant seat, feel free to fight me for it.  Lastly, in that reunion post, I mentioned a fellow named Spider Kedelsky.  After several weeks the posting found its way to Spider and he commented on the blog.  Almost certainly,  no one read it because if comments aren’t made currently, they are so  like trees falling in a forest.  Amazing….but true.


5 Responses to “Awesome, Incredible And Amazing”

  1. Richard Says:

    I was going to be a bit snarky and comment on your over use of the word “the.” But then I started to pay attention to your use of that word and as incredible as it might seem you are, in fact, way underutilizing the. Perhaps you shoud give “the” more consideration in future blogs. It’s really awesome that you’ve been doing the blog for two and a half years. Keep up the amazing work or just keep it up.

  2. Bob Says:

    That was awesome!

  3. yduj Says:

    I have a’s really incredible how amazingly awesome it is!

  4. iron(ic)man triathlon Says:

    Wow! really, amazing, awesome, incredible!…you’re putting richard and bob to shame. keep that copy in a safe place (i’d suggest my oven–it’s hermetically sealed)….it could be your retirement account.

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