There But For The Grace Of God….

Just the other day, I dodged a figurative bullet. The Times obituary page had articles on four men, all of whom were only their sixties. This is a rarity.  I’ve never before seen so many un-elderly die in one day. Although their various ages were near to mine, surprisingly none was exactly my age.  This, I took as a sign.

It is part of my morning ritual to have  coffee and read the paper including the daily obits; only the ones with articles, not the small “classified ad” ones. (  I like to keep abreast of things, including knowing which well-known people are no longer sharing the planet with me.  Unfortunately, I often miss the weekend paper so there are a lot of  folks who I think are still alive that aren’t.  So that’s me, going around humming and singing lah dee dah, oblivious to the demise of untold numbers of famous people.  Just being my usual Pollyanna self.

Now, it’s not lost on me that this near-miss has taken place in the period between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur– The Ten Days Of Repentance.  That these four men were cut down in the prime of my life is probably God’s way of telling me to shape up.  Why He  She couldn’t have just put a note in a fortune cookie is beyond me.  Or even a pop-up ad on a web site I visit might have done the trick.  It seems to me that what HeSHE did is just a bit extreme.  But it appears to have worked.  Even though it’s only the fifth day, I’m just about finished with the repenting.

After reading about these four young men, I started to wonder how the choices are made about whom to write.  Does it matter if it’s a slow or busy day?  Does everyone of some notoriety have an article devoted to them…or can one be shunted aside when someone of more consequence passes at the eleventh hour?  Is it possible that one can get “wait listed”.  I’m sure it’s transparent why I’m interested in knowing this stuff.   I figure if I write this blog long enough, there is some small chance I’ll get sufficiently well-known to have a full length obituary when my time comes.  My best chance, I think, is for that time to be on a slow day…a really, really slow one.  As they say, “everything in life is timing”.  Turns out,  it may also be true in death.


2 Responses to “There But For The Grace Of God….”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hopefully you’ll be reading about the demise of others for a long, long time!

  2. iron(ic)man triathlon Says:

    boB….you’ve got me worried. no snarky or witty comment–are you ok?
    is one of us dying (beyond the long and slow process)? if it’s you…leave me val and gracie. and maybe your skis.

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