I’m Painting My Debt-Ceiling White (Ceiling White)

After watching the Republican presidential debates of the last several weeks, I’ve started thinking (again) about a nice place to live in Canada. (see: https://ironicman.wordpress.com/2010/10/25/o-canada/)  Rick Perry scares the hell out of me but I think it’s Michele Bachmann who is the craziest of the potential nominees.

We were talking  about her in the office a few weeks ago after she had made a visit to Brooklyn to meet with a number of orthodox rabbis.  Because she has a Jewish sounding name and is an ardent supporter of Israel she is sometimes mistakenly thought of as a Jew.  In an effort to court the Jewish vote, she does nothing to correct that impression; in fact, she has said that she often feels Jewish.  Which is an amazing coincidence.  Because lately, I’ve been feeling Catholic.  Not just any kind of Catholic, but kind of Popish.   Unfortunately, at the moment, I’m not running for any kind of office where that would matter much.

In any event, as we were discussing Ms. Bachmann, Zil suggested that given her name, maybe there was indeed a possibility that she did have some Jewish lineage.  Now if Zil had grown up in my family, she’d know right away that wasn’t possible.  My parents had a pretty large Judenfreude quotient (https://ironicman.wordpress.com/2010/05/06/judenfreude/) and for better or worse, they passed that on to my brother, my sister and me.  Somehow or other, we learned  to infer who was Jewish based on first and last names.  If it were “Michele Bachman” there’d certainly be reason to believe she was a Jewess;  but when you add the “n” and wind up with “Bachmann  it’s whole other kettle of fish.  Our lanswoman has been transmuted into someone who might easily be German.  Which, as you might expect, could make a big difference to Jewish voters.   But as I think about it, if you listen to Michele for about five minutes I can’t imagine it would help much even if her name was Bachmanbergsteincohen.

"He went thatta way"



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