“There’s A Hole In The Bucket…..”

Every so often I get an email from one of the people to whom I send notices of a new blog posting asking me to remove them from my list.  My first reaction to this is: what a asshole jerk!  My next reaction is usually: what an  jerk asshole!  This goes on for a while until, at some point, I come to the realization that some people are really busy and don’t have the eighth of a second necessary to hit “delete” .  You know, an eighth of a second here and another eighth there…and pretty soon, you’re talking about some serious time.

The disaffected readers, to date, have all been women.  This may be just some weird statistical coincidence but it’s possible there’s a reasonable explanation why it’s only women who have jumped ship.  Possibly, they’ve been offended by some of the writing in my  blogs–maybe a chauvinistic remark here or there. I’m not sure, but I may have referred to a young woman as a “girl” once or twice.  Or maybe it’s the name of the blog itself that has turned them off.   But really…iron(ic)person triathlon just doesn’t seem to have quite the right ring to it.

But I think there’s another reason that it’s only women who have opted out of receiving the blog.   Women are much more direct  than men are.  They are more apt to say what’s on their mind. This, I see as a result of a lifetime of learning to say “no” to boys and to men.  From the time they are young adolescents and are being asked out on dates, girls need to be able to assert themselves; otherwise, they’d find themselves going out with the likes of Freddy Krueger or the Son of Sam….or…or… me.

As you can probably tell, losing these readers has been upsetting.  I’ve been exploring every avenue to increase my readership  So it’s extremely frustrating when even small gains are offset by unforeseen defections.   An image that comes to mind is one of me trying to fill a bucket that has a leak in it.  I’m just not able to add water quickly enough to fill it up.

Which makes it all the more risky to write this blog.  I could easily imagine a mass exodus once you find out how easily these women have been set free.  Kind of like a run on a bank. As a precaution, I’ve spoken with the lawyers here at the blog factory.  They’ve informed me that although you and I have nothing in writing, we have entered into an implied contract.  I send out the blog; your obligation is either to read it, delete it or ignore it.  You can’t get out of the contract just by emailing me. To stop the blogs from coming, you’ll have to send your request in writing. By certified mail.  Notarized.  Furthermore,  if you check the fine print on that contract you’ll  also see that there’s an early termination penalty of $45.00.  Expect processing to take two to three weeks.  Four or five, at most.


8 Responses to ““There’s A Hole In The Bucket…..””

  1. youknowwho Says:

    i’ll be there ’til the end.

    just let me know when it’s , “the end” .

  2. iron(ic)man triathlon Says:

    your’s or mine?

    turns out that it’s true….blood is thicker than water.

  3. Aidualc Says:

    but you ARE the son of Sam!

  4. iron(ic)man triathlon Says:

    yes..i know that. i need a pass on that one.

  5. Ray Says:

    Big Neil, I am staying with you! Do you have all of the 150 members of the Knick in the fold? That would be a nice bump to your readership. Publishers may notice the spike.

    • iron(ic)man triathlon Says:

      hey ray… thanks for the vote of confidence.

      do you have any influence with the powers at the knick? boy, if i could get hold of that email list, my life might be so much better. it seems to be under lock and key.
      i’d even serve on the board to get that. oh…i already do. how about if i come to the meetings?

  6. Marilyn March Says:

    Neil, or Lien,
    As a female follower of your oft amusing and beguiling blog, my advice is to stand tall. I’m one of those followers, who sometimes does delete your recent posting in the name of expediency. Of course, I do this being fully aware that I can track your past postings.

    Might I say that I very much enjoy your postings. Just sign me as an interested fan. XO MAIR

  7. iron(ic)man triathlon Says:

    hi marilyn…nice to hear from you. Even nicer to know that you’ve remained a subscriber. Keep an eye for a tote bag coming your way.

    hope all has been well


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