“The Weather Outside is Frightful….”

After playing tennis with my friend Kram the other day (don’t ask), we headed towards my car.  One of us started complaining about the snow and ice that we had to negotiate and then we both wound up discussing the wretched weather we’ve been having.  I asked Kram if he thought he could possibly go a day without talking about the weather.  He said that he was sure he couldn’t and that it was most likely a  sign of getting older.  His premise is that as men age,  some of the  things we used to be obsessed with talking about–like having sex, is replaced by a lot of talk about the weather.  In other words, our priorities shift.  I thought it was an interesting theory and since this is  precisely the kind of social study that interests me, I decided to some research. 

Here are the results from a very, very sophisticated poll conducted jointly by CNN, NBC, Quinnipiac University and Garfield Realty.  Bear in mind that the margin of error in this survey is …well… how should I say….huge.  And unfortunately, the tech staff here at the Ironicman Blog is somewhat limited so the chart is somewhat primitive.   But, as you can (barely) see the graph shows the frequency of references to both weather and sex as we move along in age.  Looking at the chart,  you’ll  notice that from the age of about 15 to about 45 the frequency with which men reference sex is about 25 times per day…literally, almost off the chart.  There’s a drop off after age 45 while at the same time they’re talking about the weather ever more frequently; it seems that at about the age of 62 men are making references to sex and the weather about the same number of times…about 18 times a day.  That’s 36 conversations a day about sex and the weather; it’s hard to imagine they’re talking about much else. ( Remind me to be somewhere else when that’s going on.)  And as you can see by the time most men hit 70, sex talk has really bottomed out and our heroes are pretty much all about the weather.  Sounds charming.   By the way…has anyone noticed how freakin’ cold out it is today?




8 Responses to ““The Weather Outside is Frightful….””

  1. Arbee Says:

    What is this sex thing you’re referring to??

  2. jane Says:

    Did you hear it’s going into the 40’s this weekend?!

  3. iron(ic)man triathlon Says:

    jane…you too??

    (hope all is well)

  4. Jimmy Says:

    Does Mark’s theory apply only in cold weather? When they retire to Florida or Arizona or some other place where the weather is the same nearly every day, seventy-year-old men still seem to talk about the weather a lot. But they may also talk more about sex than they did up north. At least till they hit 75, when discussions about their prostates take over.

  5. iron(ic)man triathlon Says:

    first of all jimmy… it appears that you may have blown kram’s cover. fortunately, hardly anyone reads this; so for now, he may be safe.

    in any event, i think you’re making an interesting point–one that would be even more effective if it was accompanied by a bar graph or something like that. do you know anyone with the time to do that kind of thing?

    seems like it’s a bit warmer today…no?

  6. Mark Says:

    Personally, as I get older it just just seems that I talk about the weather more while I’m having sex.

  7. iron(ic)man triathlon Says:

    interesting. i’ve never tried that. i’ve tried talking sports….but never weather. you may be a beacon of things to come.
    but it kind of throws the graph way out of whack.

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