Crazy Talk

Eric Cantor, who is the second ranking House Republican (behind John Boehner) was on one of those Sunday news shows last week.  When he was asked what he thought about the so-called “birthers” claim that President Obama was not an American citizen, he said that he indeed believed that the President was born in the U.S. but declined to say that the discussion impugning Obama’s citizenship was “crazy talk”.  When pressed, he said  that it’s impolite to call anyone crazy.

Mr. Cantor holds a special place in my heart.  Despite the election of  so many more Republicans in the mid-term elections, he remains the sole Jew.  That’s right– even with 289 Republican members in the House and Senate, he is still nine short of a minyan. Yes, there’s a newly elected upstate (New York) congresswoman, Nan Hayworth, who says she’s Jewish.  She  is married to a Jewish man but she was born and raised a Lutheran.   She describes herself as “a Jew by choice.”   Someone should explain to her that it’s not  like choosing to be  a Yankee fan or a Laker fan–more goes into it than that.  So… she’s not Jewish.  Just trying to ride our coattails. 

 I think Cantor’s uniqueness is  an amazing statistic.  I could stop right here and leave you aghast…but (sadly for you) I won’t. 

There are tons of Jewish Congresspeople and Senators who are Democrats. The Judenfreude (see: ) I feel knowing that so many Jews choose to be on that side of the aisle is considerable.  Yet,  Mr. Cantor continues to be a big disappointment.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it were to turn out that he’s adopted.  But despite my feelings about him, I’m willing to go on record:  I don’t believe that Eric Cantor is a Russian spy.   And I’ll go one step further–anyone who thinks that he is, is absolutely messhugah!

Says it all

Funny...she doesn't LOOK Lutheran



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  1. Buzz Says:

    What does a Lutheran actually look like?

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