You Are Cordially Invited….

This is my 100th blog posting.  I know that to many of you it seems like a lot more.  It’s not.  So, to celebrate this milestone I’m having a shindig tonight at a very cool venue…  Steiner Studios, which is located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and has a second floor glass walled facility where Abigail Kirsch caters fancy, dancy events.  Anyway, you’re all invited to join me in my celebration.  I just hope you won’t be put off by sharing the event with my tennis club (Knickerbocker Field Club) which, as luck would have it, is having its year-end gala at the same time and place.  Small world!

There are very few things I’ve done a hundred of…so this is kind of  a big deal to me.  Maybe somewhere along the way I did a hundred sit ups or push ups but even if I had, it wouldn’t call for a party, at least not one as large as this one probably will be.   So I’m going to try to make the most of it.  The party will  serve as a promotion event, as well.   You see, I’m getting close to publishing my second volume of postings.  Although there hasn’t been much clamoring for it (actually,  none whatsoever), I think the timing is right.  Kind of my version of, “Build it and they will come”.  

For my last birthday, Essej had the first year’s blogs bound and published…that would be Volume I.  I’ve been distributing them to whomever lets their guard down.  Actually, more than just giving them away.  To promote distribution I’ve been paying people to take them (US $5.95/CAN $7.25).  This is what I refer to as the unselling of my book.  You’d be surprised at how effective a marketing strategy this has been.  One of things I try to emphasize in my unsales pitch is that this little volume is totally the opposite of a coffee table book.  Really, you don’t even want this in your living room, let alone on your coffee table.  I usually suggest that the best place for the book is in the bathroom.  Really, it’s perfect bathroom reading; most of the little essays can even be read while peeing.  How great is that!

As I said, I’m getting close to publishing Volume II.  In the interests of full disclosure, I should mention that due to the increase in publishing costs, the unsales price will be increased to US $6.95 (CAN $8.05).  If you’re able to make it to the party tonight, I’ll be taking pre-nonorders.  (I’m bringing a wad of cash.)   It would be great to see you!

6 Responses to “You Are Cordially Invited….”

  1. Richard Says:

    Hey Neil, congratulations! 100!! You don’t look that old in your pictures.
    Underwear, Brooklyn Decker – it’s been a gas.

    • iron(ic)man triathlon Says:

      rich… i’m going to take your comment as a non pre-order. i’ll be sending you a check shortly. always great to hear from you.

  2. roberta berman Says:

    you can send your cousin a free one

  3. jane Says:

    • iron(ic)man triathlon Says:

      okay jane… you got me to watch a youtube i never would have watched. very, very clever. i know there’s a metaphor in here somewhere that relates to something I WROTE! after all this is…MY BLOG!! so you may have to spoon feed the meaning of this to me…metaphorically speaking.

      best to you


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