Sex, Blogs And Rock ‘n Roll

Well, it finally happened.  Zil got married last weekend.  It was your typical Jewish/Puerto Rican wedding.  The ceremony took place in a park in DUMBO just below the Manhattan Bridge.  It was lovely.  If there was one shortcoming, it was the noise from the trains going over the bridge.  I’m sure the vows that Zil and her husband, Robert, exchanged were exqusite….but we couldn’t hear them.  In fact, I never heard the “I do’s”…so it’s possibly they’re not really married at all.

In any event, from the ceremony everyone walked over to a local restaurant where the reception party was held.  Lots of fun.  The entire office was there with the exception of my daughter, Annaoj, who I’ve mixed feelings to report, is no longer at Garfield Realty.  She has gotten a job in a more creative field.  (Although when you think about it, what could be more creative than convincing people to take apartments they don’t really  like?)   So, now after going months of seeing her almost daily, we’ll be back to our usual routine of me coaxing her to have dinner together occasionally. 

But, back to the party.  As I say…it was a lot of fun.   The open bar may have had something to do with it.  Yduj and I danced a lot.   When dancing, what I lack in rhythm and grace is often offset by my enthusiasm.  This must have been the case  that afternoon because I was stopped by some older gentleman who asked….and I swear this is true… “Where did you learn to dance?”   I wasn’t sure how to take this: was he thinking of Elaine’s dancing on Seinfield or was he being sincere.  Which meant that he was either  mean-spirited or demented.  Pretty much a  lose, lose situation.  I have to ask Zil about it when she gets back from her honeymoon.

With Zil gone for a few weeks and Oj gone for good, we are now down to an all male staff.  There have been moments (albeit brief…remember De’s schedule) when there have been five men in the office.  In the history of mankind, I’d bet there’s never been a real estate office made up of only men.  So, this could well  be  the time to re-visit the idea of getting a female inflatable dummy  for the office.  (  Who knows…maybe there’s a cracker jack agent somewhere out there who’s feeling a bit deflated.



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