What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been

As I was saying before my accident, I’ve just spent a few weeks in Australia.  Yes, I know…it’s a reaallly long flight.  And of course I  know that it’s winter there.  But, my nephew lives in Melbourne and his son was  having his bar mitzvah.  So, off Yduj and I went.  

The challenge here is to somehow write a travel piece that doesn’t bore either you or me as much as those slide shows of, “my (our) trip to _______”.   I doubt I’ll be able to do it.  In fact, I know I can’t.  So much for the long-planned trilogy. 

It seems to me that Australia is a strange mix of English refinement and wild west brashness.  For example, passing another car on the highway is  politely referred to as “overtaking”.  The right lane (they drive backwards there) is the overtaking lane.  If it weren’t such a quaint term I’d probably get caught up in the psychological associations it evokes. (In a perfect world, there would be a special lane for funeral processions…..the “undertaking lane”,  but as you probably already know, the world is waay less than perfect ).  Contrast that genteel quality with the name of the country’s most popular liquor store chain, Liquorland Express.  Sure, that’s a bit coarse, but keep in mind, it’s a country that was founded  as a penal colony.  In Australia, if one of your ancestors was a criminal, there’s a good chance you’re a “blue blood”; part of the aristocracy. 

Needless to say, we were absolutely charmed by the way the Australians spoke. It didn’t much matter what they said; it all sounded so winning.  Amazingly, they were equally charmed (so they said) by our American accents.  If that is in fact true, then I  imagine that they were completely bowled over by my New Yawk/Brooklyn twang.  A first!   I’m very suggestible and although I haven’t returned with an Aussie accent, I do find myself saying “lovely” all the time.  Nothing is ever “cool” anymore…it’s lovely.  I kind of like that.  In fact, it’s lovely. 

Now, if this was that slide show I had talked about, we’d be up to about the 23rd slide (out of several hundred);  you’d be wondering, “how can I make a graceful exit?” and I’d be trying to figure out how I could politely ask you to leave.  Gee… all of a sudden I have a blinding headache!   I think I’d better lie down.  Would you mind if we picked this up again….maybe next week;  or possibly the week after.  Can you let yourself out?  Great!  We’ll talk soon. 

What that a lovely Koala!


One Response to “What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been”

  1. roberta berman Says:

    Oh, I thought my cousin had a facelift

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