Being Black Isn’t Always So Beautiful

It seems that despite the election, or maybe as a result of the election of Barack Obama, this is not such a great  time to be a black person in America.  For those of you who don’t follow this sort of thing, here’s a brief summary of the latest contretemps involving race that took place in the Obama administration:  An official at the Dept. of Agriculture who happens to be  black, Shirley Sherrod, was fired for making what was considered to be  racist (anti-white) remarks in a long ago speech.  It turns out that the “evidence” for this was a heavily edited tape provided by a conservative blogger, Andrew Breitbart.  The right-wing media ran with this and, in what can only be seen as an effort to stem any criticism of  racial favoritism,  Obama’s people took swift action and before having all of the facts,  fired Ms. Sherrod.  As it turns out,  those facts included a fuller version of Ms. Sherrod’s actions and words which were a total contradiction of the doctored tape.          

After seeing the error of its ways the Administration apologized and reinstated Ms. Sherrod.  However, the harm had been done.  Of course, it’s unsettling to see the that Obama continues to play defense with Fox News, et al.  But worse than that, for me, is that I  have to wrestle with the knowledge that this Brietbart fellow is Jewish. That his misdeeds somehow accrue to me.  (This is, indeed, the other side of the Judenfreude coin see:  But, as in most of these cases, there’s probably an explanation that mitigates this Semitic  trespass.  More than likely, Breitbart is adopted.  I don’t know this for a certainty but how else to explain being both right wing and a scumbag perpetrator of dirty tricks?  (Also, check out that punum!)  Just as I knew that the Son of Sam serial killer, David Berkowitz  couldn’t have been born Jewish but was instead adopted by a Jewish couple, I have a similar  feeling about Breitbart.   I knew that Jews are not serial killers…..serial embezzlers,yes;  serial defrauders, certainly;  even serial victims;   but never serial killers.   (I remember very well that period during the seventies when the Son of Sam lunatic was scaring the city.  My father’s name was “Sam” so my brother and I kept very low profiles during that time.  Extremely low profiles).          

Of course, I’m sympathetic to Obama’s position. As the (Jewish) president of Garfield Realty (I’m in my third term) I too have occasionally bent over too far backwards so as not to seem to favor my own.   For example,  when I order lunch for the office, it’s never blintzes but almost always pizza.  And when we’re drinking here, it’s never Schlivowitz but usually beer.   And, despite the dozens and dozens of Jewish holidays,  Christmas is the only religious holiday for which we close.  Now, as I’m thinking about it,  I’m probably leaving myself wide open to a lawsuit by the  Anti-Defamation League.   Maybe this Breitbart guy could………          

Funny.....he doesn't LOOK Jewish

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