All In The Family

A few very significant events took place in the last week or so.  Most importantly, we have several new additions to our office.  Nire and Luap, after one of the longest pregnancies on record,  finally had that baby.   In a surprise maneuver,  they named him Everett.   Although that wasn’t the name I had in mind, at least the baby (who is awfully cute) has my dimple (along with Nire’s chin and Luap’s nose).   How that happened is anyone’s guess.  But, as I’ve mentioned, we’re a very tight group here at Garfield Realty. 

The other addition to the office is the hiring of my daughter, annaoj (aka: Oj) , as a replacement for Nire.  She and I have not spent this much time together since I was coaching her softball team.   It’s an adjustment.  My guess is that being my daughter’s boss is probably not in the best interests of either of us.  So,  Zil and Luap have stepped into the breach and  taken over the training and supervising of Oj.   Despite their intervention, I’ve felt a shift in the office dynamics caused by the merging of disparate parts of my life.  How this will play out is anyone’s guess.  You see,  there’s an “Office Neil” and there’s a “Dad Neil”.   And  up until now, there has been the barest of intersections of those parts of my life.  As with way too many other  things in my life, this is a situation that parallels an episode on Seinfeld.   After  George’s girlfriend has infiltrated his friendship with Elaine and Jerry, he complained about the  collision of his two worlds…”A  George divided against itself, cannot stand”!    Ditto, “a Neil divided against himself….” 

One other event took place last week which I need to mention.  Your (almost) favorite blogger had a  significant birthday.  (Nowadays, they’re all meaningful, but this one was the ne plus ultra  [it’s been a while…no?] of them all).    Actually, it wasn’t really my birthday –that happened a  long time ago.  This was the anniversary of that day.   In any event,  without going into the crushing details,  it’s  the one where,  if I wasn’t concerned for my fellow citizens, my interest in health care reform might wane.    I did my best to celebrate the occasion, but truthfully, my heart wasn’t in it.   Maybe, once I get my reduced fare MetroCard, I’ll feel better about the whole thing. 

And heeeeerrre's Everett


5 Responses to “All In The Family”

  1. Wallenstein Says:

    Are readers to infer that, in keeping with the writer’s custom of preserving the anonymity of those who appear in the blog, the baby’s real name is “Ttereve”?

  2. iron(ic)man triathlon Says:

    Not at all Jimmy. Generally speaking, the subject has to be at least three months old to enter the witness protection program.

  3. Wallenstein Says:

    It’s Ymmij to you.

  4. Lav Says:

    You seem to be breaking your witness protection naming [or rather, spelling] rules–what is Joanna spelled backwards? Onnaoj??

  5. Steve H Says:

    Love the ears!

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