Burning The Candle At One End

Last week, after a long layoff, I tuned in to The Rachel Maddow Show.  She was renewing her coverage of the health care debate and  had a segment that featured a video of Anthony Weiner thumbing his (substantial) nose at the House Republicans.  This is a “must see” as far as I’m concerned (http://www.newser.com/story/81737/rep-weiner-gop-is-subsidiary-of-insurance-industry.html).  Anthony was passionate, informed, articulate and confrontational.  We could have used  a lot more of that from Senate Democrats this past year.

There are a number of reasons I had stopped watching Rachel.  The failure of health reform a month or so ago with the election to the Senate of the Republican, Scott Brown, in Massachusetts had deflated me.  The ball had been on the one yard line (I don’t watch it  but I will use metaphors that relate to football) and then came that unforeseen event.  Whatever wind was in my sails, disappeared and  I just couldn’t tolerate any further discussion or disappointments.  And of course, it had become obvious to me that Rachel was not about to give up either her lesbianship or her partner, so my feelings for her remained unrequited.  No need to torture myself with unfulfilled fantasies.

Fortunately,  the angst from these situations has almost passed.  It seems like Congressional Democrats are finally going to get some balls and act as if they are, in fact,  in the majority.  And I’ve moved on from my non-relationship with Rachel.    To one with a real live girl… Yduj.   This relationship too,  has contributed to my lack of interest in the Rachel show.  We’re very, very busy doing not much beyond getting to know one another and discovering subtle commonalities.

A few years back, I moved into to a beautiful apartment around the corner from my office.  Early in my tenancy, I was being driven crazy by a yapping dog who lived next door.  It was so bad that I  thought I was going to have to move.  As a last resort, I bought a white noise machine similar to the ones psychotherapists  use to block the sounds of their screaming and crying patients from scaring the ones (who will soon be screaming and crying) that are in the waiting room. To my great relief, it worked.  I now use it occasionally to block the sound of trucks and buses on the street below the apartment where I  now live.  You can imagine my delight when I saw that Yduj also had a noise machine.  Kismet!  But hers has lots of different sound options.  So currently, we’re sleeping to the sound of ocean waves hitting the beach.  To add to the effect, I’ve taken to wearing sunscreen to bed.  Kind of a poor man’s vacation.  After we tire of the beach (you know how boring that can be after a while) I’m hoping she’ll be up for a “trip” to a rain forest.  That would be terrific….especially because in that rain forest, I’ll be able to keep up with Rachel’s show.


2 Responses to “Burning The Candle At One End”

  1. David Says:

    I know I have been out of touch for a while; in part because I may be intimidated by your writing ability and your ability to capture the essence of life in one’s 60’s (uh oh, did I give it away??); not to mention your technological capability which allows you to actually post photographs on your blog. I havent known quite how to respond to all this. But I thought I would check in to cheer you on in this endeavor. Maybe we can have an actual conversation sometime soon. And by the way, I’m also impressed with your political savvy—I thought only us DCers followed issues that closely (I know, I know…its that inside the Beltway mentality). Maybe you ought to run for the Senate.


  2. iron(ic)man triathlon Says:

    thanks for the note dave. I like the idea of running for office…..but i’m just too busy with the blog right now.

    i’ll call you

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