CATCH A TIGER BY A (cock)TAIL (waitress)

I hadn’t planned to write anything about Tiger Woods’ shenanigans.  But in the middle of last night the title came to me and I just thought it was too good to keep to myself. (Narcissism reigns!!)

While this dust-up is microscopic compared with the to-do about Michael Jackson’s mysterious death, it still has taken up way more than its fair share of media coverage.  I’m really not that interested but what does interest me is thinking about the stories that are being waylaid while the celebrity coverage goes  on unabated.  But, as I’m thinking about it,  it’s  probably only another story about a more minor celebrity’s goings on  that is  being  thrown overboard.  So….I guess there’s no great loss here.

I, myself was once the victim of  being shoved out of the news by a more compelling news story.   In the early eighties I was working as a real estate agent.  I had a client that I had become friendly with  who was a segment producer for The Today Show.  He asked me if I wanted to be interviewed for a piece about the real estate market (which has for so long been a mainstay of conversations at cocktail parties.)  Of course, I agreed and he wound up bringing a film crew to the office where I was working.  I was incredibly articulate and had some brilliant insights (by my standards) in answering questions that were put to me.  All that, and a full head of dark, curly hair.  I really thought this was my chance at that talk-show host job (a la George Costanza) for which  I knew I was perfectly suited. 

The segment was supposed to air the following morning.  That evening, Anwar Sadat was assassinated.  And along with that calamity, went  my chance at my “fifteen minutes”.  Rotting away in some file at NBC.  What remains is  nothing more than  a blog posting   published twenty-five years later.


5 Responses to “CATCH A TIGER BY A (cock)TAIL (waitress)”

  1. Ray Says:


    I agree with you that we should respect his privacy but most reports about Tiger have stated that he is a very cocky (pardon the pun) and arrogant guy. Sometimes it is nice to see someone get knocked down a peg or two!!

    With todays technology I am sure your buddy can revive the piece and get it for you. I for one would like to see it. Anyone else???

  2. iron(ic)man triathlon Says:

    ray… you’ve finally re-surfaced! glad you came up for air.

  3. Don Says:

    Right you are, Neil. It’s terrible when celebrity gossip knocks off coverage of more legitimate news stories. I for one, am very upset that White House party crashers aren’t getting the coverage they deserve. Who designed her red dress? Did he own his tux or was it rented? Lets hope this all gets rectified when the Salahis testify to Congress.


  4. iron(ic)man triathlon Says:

    hey don..

    i bet you’re not nearly as upset as they are.

    nice to hear from my knickerbocker friends…


  5. Wallenstein Says:

    It would have been worse if you had been upstaged by Menachem Begin.

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