Facebook Failure

It’s true, I’ve failed at Facebook.  As I had threatened , I joined FB about ten days ago.  I’m amazed that I’ve lasted as long as I have.  My sole purpose was to use it to somehow spread the word about my blog.  The problem with that idea is that I’d actually have to friend  people.  (yes, friend…right up there with google as the latest verb.) This has proven to be a lot harder than I thought.  Oh…of course, I’ve friended a few people, namely the people with whom I work.  So, now the yard or two that separates us in the real world has been eliminated.  Somehow, I don’t feel any better.

But friending  people who I don’t regularly see  is something I can’t get myself to do.  It seems like some kind of exercise in….in.., I can’t come up with the word I’m looking for.  (Maybe by the time I finish this, it will come to me.)  It’s not that I’m too busy to be spending time on FB; quite the opposite…it’s  just the kind of thing that might keep me off the streets and out of trouble.   But I seem to have a conviviality block that I can’t get past.   What little experience I have  noodling around on the  FB site  reminds of an aphorism I  sometimes refer to  when one of the people in my office wants to take a listing of a property that’s so outrageously overpriced that it is essentially unsaleable.   I suggest that spending time trying to sell something like that is  ‘like eating soup with a fork….it keeps you busy but doesn’t fill you up”.  My strong suspicion is that FB is a lot like that

Apart from my reticence to “reach out and touch someone” on FB,  I also had an unsettling experience within the first few days of joining.  A friend…..a real friend,  wrote something nice to me on my “wall”.   I wrote  back the next day saying, “I knew there was something about you I like.”  That would have been fine….except it went,  in error,  to a woman who had written to me around the same time.  I became aware of this when she wrote back in a way I took as flirtatious, asking what it was specifically  that I liked about her.  For a few minutes I thought that I had somehow walked into a Seinfeld episode.  And I was George!!  I never want to be George.  No one wants to be George.  I freaked and starting begging Luap who had suggested the FB vehicle in the first place , to  somehow make things right.   Finally I calmed down and did the mature thing.  I turned my computer off and hid under my desk.  

There has been one bright spot in all this.  Luap  posted a notice on FB that Nire’s most recent sonogram had revealed that….that…IT’S A BOY!.  Exciting.  Congratulations on Luap’s FB page were pouring in from all over.  (The presumption is that it would have been the same if it was A GIRL!)  One  extraordinarily clever person responded to the news, “I just knew there was a chance  it might be something like that” . (That was me).  It got me thinking of  an  ad I had come across a long time ago when a baby’s sex was a mystery until birth.  The guy whose ad it was,  promised, for a fee,  to predict the gender of the baby  with 100% accuracy.  And to induce people to pay for his service, he offered a money back guarantee if he was wrong.  Very clever guy.   Sounds like someone I might like to be friends with.

P.S.  The word I couldn’t come up with remains elusive.  The blog probably suffers for it.  C’est la guerre.


Luap's and Nire's baby in the fetal postion


7 Responses to “Facebook Failure”

  1. Claudia 1 Says:

    Maybe the baby will friend you

  2. Jane Says:

    FB is a commitment. A culture. I’d rather commit to sour cream.

  3. Roselind Says:

    I,too, can’t qulte figure out what is so important about this facebook or twitter.
    I get requests that hotels want to be my “friend”. Maybe because I am a travel agent?

    • iron(ic)man triathlon Says:

      hi ros….gee, entire hotels ‘friending’ you. i love that. think about the economy of scale! i’m kind of getting jazzed about the idea of the entire Marriot chain getting my blog….

      take care

  4. Maria Says:

    Hey how come you never friended me?

  5. ed Says:

    You once shared with me your upsetment with a colleague who had “territory” issues – as in she violated yours.
    You run an office of 7 people in 17 square feet (and that’s without etireugram!) and now you “friend” yourself. An enormous personal victory. Huzzahs!
    (Where’d I leave my beer?)

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