Fifty Blogs to Leave Your Lover

This will be my fiftieth posting of this adventure which has gone on now for about six months.  A little time for reflection.  I have been thinking of sharing more of my private life  in my entries.  That is, being even more self- indulgent than I already am.  But I’m afraid of  losing the small but devoted (my words) readership I have.  And of course, if I wanted to let any portion of the public in on exactly what’s going on in my life, I could always join Facebook and bore my “friends’ with the details.    Speaking of which, Luap has linked this site to his FB page and is now encouraging me to join  as a means of getting my blog “out there”.  There are a couple of reasons I’m reluctant to join;  up until now, I’ve enjoyed a “holier than thou” attitude about the whole Facebook concept…similar to my snobbery around  Reality TV shows (some points here for consistency).  It will be hard to give up this superior air to which so many  people seem  attracted.  Also,  I don’t need more friends,  I need better ones.  (Unless of course ,  the “more” friends happen to have a house somewhere  warm in winter or  a beach house  with a pool.)

At any rate, I was feeling kind of self-satisfied about getting to this fifty mark when I came across an article in the Times  that completely took the wind out of my sails.  Some woman living in Conneticut is about to conclude a year of reading a book a day.  That’s right…365 books in a year.  And not just junk books… good ones.  I read the article pretty carefully;  from what I could gather, it seems that all she has been doing is reading.  I was looking for some hint that this had either affected her marriage or her relationship with her kids or even a suggestion that being so sedentary had contributed to a weight gain of say, 50 , 75 pounds.  Nothing like that.  Not even a mention of some tension because she was  constantly “shsshhing” everyone around her.  Nope, everything seemed hunky dory.  Good for her.   But almost certainly, she’s not someone you want to run into at a cocktail party.  Can you imagine the conversation…”So, have you read any good books lately?”  There goes the evening….probably the weekend.    

Her accomplishment made me think of a speed reading course (Evelyn Woods) I took about forty years ago. (yes, whilst in utero).  Those were the days when I was unmoored and looking for ways to “improve myself”.  In the final class I remember reading a novel, a classic,  in about twenty minutes.  Then answering some questions relative to the book.  And indeed, I had an adequate comprehension of what I had read.  Very impressive.  But what  I wasn’t told is that those same speed reading techniques also fostered speed forgetting.  So, in just a matter of a few days the whole thing was a fog.

Apart from being envious of this woman’s accomplishment, I’m even more jealous of  the notoriety she gained by having that article  in the Times.   I know there’s nothing I can do anywhere nearly like  what she did.  (Self discipline is not my long suit…the only thing I can get myself to do on a daily basis is breathing in and out….and sometimes, I  forget  the “out” part).   So it seems like I’m destined to  continue to write these columns in relative anonymity.  Of course, there’s always the possibility that I could do something really unique to gain attention.  Maybe writing the blog from a hot air balloon that comes untethered……or something like that.


6 Responses to “Fifty Blogs to Leave Your Lover”

  1. jackie Says:

    Don’t give in; be superior, as you are…from a devoted and loyal fan.

  2. 1 aidualc Says:

    brilliant: speed forgetting! i had no idea that this is what it’s called. and here i was, thinking it was just middle age.

    • ironicman Says:

      aidualc…you’ve just given me a great money making idea! create a speed forgetting program, charge lots of money…….and….., and…….what was i talking about?

  3. Jane Says:

    seems she jumped on the the julie and julia bandwagon and hung 365 – no big deal. you’re true to your school, neil. if it’s fame you’re after (and it feels like you’d like to experience some of that stuff), then maybe blogging isn’t the venue of choice. i’m enjoying it tremendously. jane

    • ironicman Says:

      hi jane….. i’m glad you’re enjoying this. nice of you to say. i guess i’ve been a little too transparent about my desire for some notice. i think i’ll play things a little closer to the vest. although… there’s a leap year coming up…… a chance to do SOMETHING 366 times!

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