Stay Tuned…..

I was at my house in the country a few weeks ago, alone and with an empty Saturday night staring me in the face.  There was  nothing that I felt compelled to read and I had tired of looking at the performance going on in my calves so I did something I rarely do.  I.turned to mindless TV.  I say mindless because I tuned in to ‘Reality TV’.   I found myself watching Survivor, something I hadn’t done in many years.  I gave up watching all reality shows years ago  because they’re so addictive.  Addictive in the way that a lot of us want to see the havoc wreaked by a car crash.  This  doesn’t appeal to my best instincts, so I’ve made a point of  avoiding these shows.  An added plus is that I get to act self-righteous and superior  when I  discuss this with whomever is still talking to me.  As I watched, I soon realized that part of the  appeal of the show is (are?) the young, barely dressed nymphettes  that are members of each team.  I can’t quantify it, but my guess is some (large) proportion of viewers are partially drawn to the show for that reason.  My politically correct head finds this insulting…other parts of my body are way less put off. 

I followed this show with my very, very first visit to Project Runway.  (In for a penny, in for a pound!). For those of you further afield from popular culture than I (or me), the show is an ongoing competition between a number of aspiring clothing designers with eliminations, a la Survivor,taking place each week.   Some of it was fun and interesting…a lot, pretty boring.  But, of course, the show also had its complement of beautiful young models. (I think the networks are on to something here)  How they managed to get an hour out of what little took place is part of the genius of the people in charge of these things.  In a way, it’s similar to a televised football game.  I’ve read  somewhere that in the 3 hours or so that it takes to broadcast the game, there’s about 8 minutes of actual action. 

At any rate, I left the TV on after Runway had ended and for a few minutes I thought the network was re-running the same show because I saw some of the same scenes repeated.  But then I realized, it was a different show.  This one was focused  on the  models who had been  assigned to each designer in the prior show.   This was too inane, even for me.  I turned the TV set off.  Too much reality for one night. 

This got me to wondering if this goes even further.  For example, is there a reality show about the cab drivers who drive the models to the venue where the runway is.  And for that matter, how about a show about the dispatchers who send the cabbies out.   I kind of like where this is going.  Maybe there’s something out there about  the real estate brokers who find the dispatchers  the homes  that they live in.  Now, that sounds really, really  interesting. My fifteen minutes of fame may be right around the corner!


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