And Baby Makes Three

Big. big  news in the office.  Nire is having a baby!  We’re very excited…..this is the  first baby whose conception was the result of some kind of fooling around between two members of my office, Garfield Realty.   In a perfect world, that conception would have taken place in the conference room.    But sadly, we don’t have a conference room.  So, it’s  more likely the event took place in a much more conventional way and place. (Nire and Luap haven’t offered much on this).  Still, we (and I speak for the entire staff) are feeling like we all had a part in this; that we have a proprietary interest in the whole event.  Of course  as the broker here,  I feel that somehow I’m entitled to my half of something…..I just haven’t figured what that “something” is yet.   Boy, how I love this business!

We haven’t  discussed  names yet but I’m assuming that it will be a collaborative process.  One obvious choice for a name would be “Garfield”.  But I think that’s way too common.  Also confusing (think: cat).  I’m going to suggest  something more along the lines of “Brite and Airy 2BR”.  True, it’s a little long but more than likely,  unique.  For now, that’s my vote….”Brite and Airy 2BR Ailgap”.  Who wouldn’t kill for a name like that?

This isn’t the first baby we’ve had come along.  Clover was born to Christine less than a year ago (when you no longer are working here,  your  rights of privacy are lost…..also, you try to say  Christine backwards).  Clover’s father (who we believe is Christine’s husband…although  dE  did seem  to spend a lot of time with Christine)  didn’t work here….so while we were very involved with her pregnancy (sooo involved)) it was less of a combined  office effort.    Christine is currently on maternity leave.  All with the same pay and benefits she had while working here.  For as long as she likes.  Garfield Realty is  nothing, if not an enlightened employer.

Nire and Luap are over the moon about this turn of events.  And it’s nice to see.  I haven’t known Nire that long but Luap has been working here for a while.  During that time, I’ve witnessed the changes in his life.   He was  a footloose and fancy- free young man riding a motorcycle  when I first met him.  After he and Nire were married he gave up the cycle for a nice foreign  sedan.  And now, with Bright and Airy on the way I  just have this feeling  that there’s a really, really cool mini-van in his future.


7 Responses to “And Baby Makes Three”

  1. Claudia 1 Says:

    You’re not entitled to half, you silly, you’re entitled to somewhere between 5 and 6 per cent — of the first year’s poop! Congrats to the lucky couple.

  2. Marguerite Says:

    You’re entitled to half of the night time feedings–so Mom & Dad can get some sleep—and Dad needs his sleep in order to work!

  3. Claire Says:

    Hey: shouldn’t this have been called “And Baby Makes Seven”? seems like that’s your point: it’s a group event!
    also: in my editing role: “Brite” or “Bright”?

    congratulations: luap and nire
    neil will be a wonderful grand-boss.

    • ironicman Says:

      talk about being a great ‘grand boss! i’m already dragging people in off the street to show them sonogram images of the fetus. wait until the video comes out.

  4. Claire Says:

    ahem…maybe you want to re-write a previous blog called “oh baby”

  5. Claire Says:

    you really think your kvelling will stop when the fetus becomes a baby? i think NOT, you old softie.

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