Jackson….. Brown(e) or Gray

I went to a Jackson Browne concert in Prospect Park the other evening.  I was sitting behind a couple of middle-aged women who were all but swooning over him  And the truth is, from where I was sitting, Jackson did look awfully good.  Trim, nice face and NOT A GRAY HAIR IN HIS HEAD!!   I borrowed the binoculars these women had with them to get a better look at Jackson.  Fortunately, on closer inspection, he didn’t look quite as good….his face seemed pretty lined.  But still, even under the microscope….NOT A GRAY HAIR!   I say “fortunately” because Jackson (I’m being overly familiar here but, then again….it’s my blog) is roughly my age  and I would be a little discouraged if he looked 35 or so.  You see, I probably look near my age;  partly because my hair is almost white.  Not salt and pepper, not gray….WHITE!

I’m as vain as the next guy but I made a decision somewhere along the way, that I wasn’t going to  dye my hair.  Actually, I need to correct myself.  There was a  period of time when I did dye my hair.  I was in my forties and turning “prematurely gray”.    This was a condition that I grew up hearing about…..as if it was a disease particular to my family.  It’s not.    I’m not sure when the appropriate time for graying is  but it wouldn’t surprise me if pretty much everyone considers it premature.   So, as I say, there was about a year or so where I was artificially trying to maintain a ‘salt and pepper’ mix.

 I didn’t feel too comfortable about this, almost as if I was in a constant state of lying.  Upon meeting someone, I had the urge to just break down and confess that I was not really the person I appeared to be.  Ultimately, the stress got to be too much and I just let nature take its course.   But as sanguine as I may sound about this, I do have a pretty strong reaction when I feel like a contemporary of mine is misleading the public .

So, I’m not as tolerant as I might be when it comes to a man dying his hair.    I’m assuming that Jackson, who is over 60, ought to have a reasonable amount of gray hair.   Yes, yes,  I know he’s an entertainer, a rock star of sorts and has an image to maintain.  And I guess comparing him to white haired Arlo Guthrie  (God bless him!) would be an apples/watermelons  thing(one of those new expressions I’m trying to coin).  But in my world,  I expect a consistency from people.  Meaning,  if you (in this case, Jackson) are going to present yourself as an authentic soul, you have to  follow through.  Obviously, having these kinds of rules  limits the number of people who will be friends with me, but that’s my Star of David to schlep (there’s another one!)  

Jackson’s concert was terrific and he seems like genuinely a good guy.  Unfortunately, I was so focused on the state of his hair that I wasn’t paying  as close enough attention to the lyrics he was singing as I would have liked.   But one of his songs did get  all of my  attention.    As he was singing The Pretender,  I couldn’t help thinking that there was  a subtext to the lyrics….that maybe, just maybe this was his way of coming clean. 

Neil Brown(e)?

Neil Brown(e)?

Why is this man almost smiling?

Why is this man almost smiling?


6 Responses to “Jackson….. Brown(e) or Gray”

  1. Claire Says:

    It’s not the color, it’s the LENGTH!

  2. Claire Says:

    “It” being sexiness, youthfulness, joie de vivre…

  3. Ray Says:

    Welcome back Ironicman, we have missed you.

    First of all thanks for telling me that Jackson Browne was playing at PP. Second, you should be happy that you had the option to do something with your “greying hair”. Remember there are only two ways to go as you hit the 40’s with hair. You lose it or you go grey. As someone who is part of the former, I will tell you that I would have rather been part of the latter! The options open to my group are so much worse, i.e. combovers, toups, etc.

    You have made the right decision to let it go natural. Be proud, be grey!

    • ironicman Says:

      thank you for the homecoming ray…..
      do you think that i was keeping jackson browne’s concert a SECRET from you? yes…it’s true those folks at CELEBRATE BROOKLYN tell only me who’s playing.
      so…bonnie raitt is in the park this wednesday. all it costs is money.

  4. Richard Says:

    Jackson does have great hair but without it, he’d look 90. I wonder what you would look like with Jackson’s beautiful hair. Perhaps something like this?

    <a href='http://img32.imageshack.us/i/neilbrown.jpg/’ rel=”nofollow”>

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