I Found My Thrill….

I’ve been worried a bit lately about my mental acuity.  It seems to be taking me longer to do the Times Sunday Crossword.  I don’t remember phone numbers as well as I used to.  And I’m saying, “huh?” a lot.   I decided I needed to do something to try and recover some of my smarts.  It’s  been reported that blueberries are a great “brain food.”  So, ever the pragmatist, I’ve embarked on a blueberry diet.  All blueberries, all the time.

Last week, I started with my staple…blueberries and sour cream (topped with a little brown sugar).  When I mentioned in my office that I was going to make this for dinner (this, sadly, is what passes for a meal at my house),  Paul Luap , who  is something of a gourmand, looked at me as if I had come up with the most exotic dish he’d ever heard of.  I explained to him that  this was just part of a larger repertoire of mine that includes bananas and sour cream, as well.  He looked at me, either with renewed appreciation or  great compassion (he’s very hard to read).  I told him that I thought these were common dishes.  But, apparently, they’re more common in Jewish households.  Now, Luap, as my every gentile, would know this kind of thing.  So, I explained my recipe…the proportions and all.  He kind of nodded and looked at his wife, Nire.  She shrugged her shoulders and said that it sounded a lot like having yogurt with fruit.  I tried to explain that it’s waaayy different, particularly because I use full fat sour cream.  I don’t think I persuaded either of them.

I started the new regimen hoping to regain some IQ points, to become the ‘sharp-as-a-tack’ guy I once was.  But, a strange thing happened.  I had what is known as a paradoxical reaction to the blueberry therapy.  I became even stupider.  For a day or two, all I could manage was a blank stare  when Luap, De or Zil would ask me a question.   About the smartest thing that I said  during that period was my signature comment, “huh?’   But, I stuck with it …blueberry muffins,  blueberry smoothies, blueberry tarts, blueberry cobbler.   The works!

And, I think I’ve come out the other side.  Made some real strides.  To test myself, the other night I watched a PBS Mystery.  One of the Agatha Christie who-done-its.  It took place in the English countryside and the British accents were as thick as…..well, as thick as the sour cream on my blueberries.  But I was able to understand (most of) what the characters said and was able to follow (most of) the plot.  And then at the end, …at the end when Miss Marple gathers everyone in one room to solve the case, for the coup de grace, I was  right there….right there with her,  following all the convolutions, nuances and twists.

So, it seems  I may have reversed my downward spiral and my brain cells are starting to fire on most of their cylinders.  I’m excited!  Now I’m thinking,  I may rent the DVD of The Wire  and with my new found intellect, see if I can follow what the hell they’re talking about


2 Responses to “I Found My Thrill….”

  1. Jane Says:

    scroll to satchmo singing blueberry hill and then try my recipe for these fabulous blueberry muffins.
    glad you turned to the obvious solution, neil.


    • ironicman Says:

      thanks for the tip jane. i watched the video. great! one thing i’m not sure of….do you (i) have to turn the oven on to make those muffins? that could be a problem.

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