Country Mouse, City Mouse, Sarah and Roger

Disney had his Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I have my Miata Mouse.  Or rather, had my Miata Mouse.  I assume that what looks like an incredible  lack of interest in  my car-mouse problem,  is  just a general politeness in not asking about things that will upset me.  I appreciate your concern.

Well, this past weekend brought some  good news–for me, not the mouse.  We (my son, Jesse, has volunteered to deal with all things “mice”)  found a dead mouse on the barn floor near the car.  It looked remarkably similar to the one that had almost attacked me while driving.  The bad news is that my car stinks from moth balls.  Kind of takes the pleasure out of driving it.  Oh well, I guess that’s just part of country life.

A guy who does some work for me came by and I was talking to him about the barn mice/car problem.  “I reckon (that’s how I talk when I’m in the country) this is going to be an ongoing problem”, I said through a mouthful of beef jerky.   He told me that mice just love  barns.  He offered to bring his ‘barn cats’ over and leave them in my barn for a while.  I started to try and figure out how much that might cost…wondering what the going rate per barn cat hour (BCH) might be.  But the whole thing felt too much like hiring mercenaries, so I declined the offer.   A concerned friend sent me some information on starting my own barn owl flock.  Apparently,  they love eating  mice.  Sounds like a good idea but I’m wary.   I worry  that I’ll wind up with some barn owl infestation.   And I’m not sure what next size animal I’d have to get to get rid of them. I can easily see myself working myself up the food chain so eventually, I’ll be keeping gorillas in the barn. Vern Klinkenborg….where are you when I need you?

In the middle of the long weekend my mind was taken off my rodent problems when I saw Sarah Palin delivering her resignation speech.  The thing I love about Ms. Palin is that she never disappoints.  Just when I thought I was through  dealing with her, she ignites that small remaining ember of  outrage I have over her presence on the national political stage.  Evidently, I missed one of the steps in the twelve step program to rid myself of that indignation.  I think it’s the one where I learn to disregard  the feeling that my intelligence is being insulted when she’s offered up as a candidate for a national office.  I thought I had made great progress in this area; even to the point of feeling some sympathy when all sorts of people were “piling on” in their criticism of her.  But, she makes it so hard ….at least, for me….to remain neutral in my feelings about her.

A while back, when it was “all Sarah, all the time” I thought I would start a politcal  blog with her as the center piece.  As a result, I now own the domain name, Business is slow…but two blogs?  Uh-uh.  But now that I think of it, that name may have some real value.  Especially if Sarah stays in the spotlight.   Now, I”m  really conflicted.

And then, of course, the weekend ended with Roger Federer’s remarkable Wimbledon win.  Ordinarily, I’d be thrilled but did you see that ridiculous outfit he cloaked himself in afterwards?  I’m not so certain I can continue to root for someone who looks like he’s just stepped off the set of Star Trek.

There’s a thread tying all these things together….Roger, Sarah, mice,   Me.  I may be just too close to see the connection.  Or, maybe that’s exactly what was on Steinbeck’s mind when he wrote Of Mice and Men.

I think I recognize that mouse...

I think I recognize that mouse...

4 Responses to “Country Mouse, City Mouse, Sarah and Roger”

  1. claudia I Says:

    i loved the owl. ok, i liked thirllafromwasilla too.

  2. claudia I Says:

    you know what i meant.

  3. Bill Bartmann Says:

    Excellent site, keep up the good work

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