Of Mice and Men

I had a really upsetting incident at my house in the country this weekend.  I’ve still not recovered from it.  I have an old Miata convertible that I keep upstate.  About six months ago I tore down the  garage where it was stowed and created a driveway to my barn and now keep it there.  The Miata seems to like it there….no complaints,  so far.

On Saturday, I had to go to the general store in town and even though it was raining I decided to take the Miata for an outing.   About five minutes into my trip something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye.  My instinct was to think that somehow a car I hadn’t noticed was passing me.  But when I turned my head, what I saw was not a car….but instead, a  mouse standing on the window ledge.  INSIDE THE CAR!!!!!  I freaked and narrowly avoided driving off the road.  And then the damn thing jumped on my lap and  from there  to inside one of the dashboard compartments and then somewhere else.  And let me tell you this was not your cute  Mickey or Minnie…..much more like Williard.  You can imagine  that  the next part of the drive until I got to the store was…..how shall I say-very tense.

After I had picked up what I needed, I headed back to the car.  Now, believe me, I know I’m way bigger than a mouse but still ….and it’s embarrassing to say this, I was afraid to get back in the car.  And I certainly didn’t want either of us (me or the mouse) to be startled.  So, as I opened the door and leaned over to get in,  I began my “Meow, meow”  impression.  I know this sounds silly but it worked.  I was able to get home without getting attacked by the rogue mouse.  As  I got the car back into the barn and (really) quickly got out I noticed a bunch of mouse droppings on the car floor mats. This was evidence  that this was not some isolated incident, but the makings (no pun) of a much larger problem.

After meditating for a while,  followed by some vodka (not to worry…it was well past late morning ) I calmed down enough to do a little research.  I googled, “I have a mouse in my car”  and got several hundred links.  After reading a bunch,  two things became very clear.  First,  I have a real problem (probably  a mouse nest in the car–doesn’t that sound awful?) and second, it seems that mice generally prefer Volvos.  I’m not sure why…that’s just the way it is.

This incident has proven to be really unsettling.  It has me questioning my whole country person identity.   It’s already been established that I’m no Vern Klinkenborg,  but still, there are a number of country type things I’m adept at. For example,  I don’t shave on weekends.  And, I almost got a chain saw.  But,  I’m sure if this had happened to Vern it would be no big deal and he’d tell his pals down at the general store, “Heh, heh…I’ve got some mouse company in the old heap.  Heh, heh”.  (sounds remarkably like GW Bush, no?  Heh, heh.)  But as I say, Klink  and I are clearly  cut from different cloth  and I don’t welcome the infestation, the creation of a mouse house in my toy.  I’m desperate to  get the car rodent free once again. At a friend’s suggestion  I doused the car with mothballs before I left to return to the city  yesterday.  I don’t hold out much hope.  All I’ll get from that, I bet,  is an incredibly smelly car.  Next step will be to get a car cat.  And if that doesn’t work, I’ll be forced to hire  people to watch over the car.  I’m certain that won’t help my country persona.


8 Responses to “Of Mice and Men”

  1. BR Says:

    There is never only one mouse.

    • ironicman Says:

      unfortunately, i think you’re right. i think the rule of thumb is that for each mouse you see, there’s 100,000 lurking. would you like to buy a sportscar?

  2. bob Says:

    I would suggest for the winter if you get a snowmobile that you keep in the barn…make it an Arctic-Kat!

  3. Marguerite Says:

    Never mind the mice— what is it with these Miata convertibles? Both you and Knarf have one?? Now that’s something to ponder…..or is it the same car? Maybe Knarf picked up the mouse (among other things) on his cross country sojurn.

  4. ed Says:

    My kids’ Thornton Burgess book could help. Next mouse you see, say, “Hey! It’s Danny Meadow Mouse! Hello, Danny Meadow Mouse!” Disarms the fear. And there’s one for every country sitch: Jerry Muskrat, Peter Rabbit, Unc’ Billy Possum. Just hope you never need to shout Buster in the barn late some night…he’s the bear. In that case, run like hell.

  5. Sandy Says:

    thanks for the special mailing. I was really laughing out loud. You are such a wus!!!!!!
    Reminds me of the rat (yes rat) staring at me in kitchen at 1 am. Dan went to Neergard and bought some mice traps (he didn’t believe me when I said it was a rat). Next morning the traps were gone and at lunch we heard the rats making a racket behind the stove with the traps on their back. Ugggh. This is just the beginning of a most creepy story, but it does have an end. This happens to be our campers favorite story, the kids just love. Can’t wait to hear the end of yours.

  6. bobo Says:

    welcome to the “real” country living. like the rest of us you probably have them in basement, crawlspaces, and attics. You have to find the openings, they are getting in through and seal them off with hardware cloth and stucco.

    Sealing off the car is incredibly difficult – you must literally go through the car and seal off any openings through which they get in, or build a mouse fence:


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