You Are Cordially Invited….

There was an article in the paper last week about a convicted criminal who held a bar mitzvah party for his son in the prison where he is incarcerated.  I believe he is an orthodox Jew who is serving time for a white collar (what else?) crime.  There were about 60 guests, music and a kosher-catered party held in the gymnasium of the Manhattan Detention Center.  If  you  didn’t  know  prior to this what the word chutzpah  meant, look no further.

  Now, those of you who have been following, know that I’m more than a little wary about writing about things ,”Jewish”;   trying my nonsectarian best not to be pigeon holed.  So, showing qutie a bit of restraint,  it’s been weeks since I’ve used the “J” , “E” and “W” in successive strokes on my keyboard.  But this is too good to pass up.

The party lasted six hours and apparently was orchestrated by a rabbi who acts as a part time chaplain for the corrections department.  In the height of understatement,  a former spokesman  for Mayor Guiliani (who had appointed the rabbi) said that he ( the rabbi) “probably didn’t think this through the way he should have.”  Meaning what?

My son was married almost two years ago….a beautiful and  lavish wedding.  I’ve no doubt that  it was very expensive, as well.  My daughter, Joanna, will at some point, I expect,  get married.  Although as of now,  she wouldn’t want a large wedding,  I know that  can change.  And, under the traditional arrangement I (and my ex-wife) will  be looking at a  huge tab to be paid.  With this in mind,  and with an eye to  what my lansman  has pulled off, I have the germ of an idea that might be serviceable when  the time comes to plan this event.  All that need happen is that I get arrested for some (victimless) crime and   get sent to the pokey.   A few calls to people in high places.  Maybe see if that rabbi is still in business and voila,  the  ultimate “destination wedding”.   I hear that Ossining can be  lovely in the springtime.


5 Responses to “You Are Cordially Invited….”

  1. Claire Says:

    What (victimless) crime do you have in mind?

  2. ed Says:

    If less than satisfactory, would the Rabbi have complained about the hall?
    “Lousy parking and no air conditioning is not what I was incarcerated for!”

  3. ed Says:

    BTW – it’s really much too early for me to be commenting.

  4. Jane Says:

    Neil, you’ve suggested a new world of catering possibilities. I could bake Microplane Zesters into wedding cakes. Thanks! Jane

    • ironicman Says:

      jane…glad i could help. ‘microplane zester’… took the words right out of my mouth.

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