I Think I Can, I Think I Can

I read an article the other day in the Times that cited an observation  that had been made by someone who works for a “think tank.”   Later in the day, I was thinking about it and it hit me…..working in a “think tank” would be a perfect job for me.  You get paid to think! I don’t know how much, but I bet it’s more than I’m making now.  And the timing couldn’t be more perfect.  Pretty much all I’ve been doing lately is thinking…..and some writing.  (I imagine part of the job includes writing something about that which you’re thinking -although I suspect, with better syntax).

So, how do you go about applying for a job like that?  I was thinking (there I go again!) of preparing a resume.  It should probably lay out what kinds of thinking I’ve done in the past. Just thinking about that is a job in itself.

I probably didn’t start my serious thinking until I got to college . (I was only sixteen; so that may not be as sad as it may seem.) Those years at school were mostly spent thinking about how to get girls and how to get out of being drafted.  I may have to shade that somewhat in the resume.  Then there were the years spent thinking during the period after college up until I got married.  I was still thinking about how to get girls and now, how to get out of working.  Probably not something I should highlight.   My marriage was  followed by  an intensive period of thinking right up until I had kids.    I thought like crazy during those years….trying to figure out what to do with my life (some of the results of which you’re seeing here).  And then, there’s this big gap in my resume (which I hope doesn’t look too glaring) from the births of my kids until they were about ten or so.  I was so busy with them that I know that there wasn’t much thinking going on.  Best that I gloss over that period of time.

Since then (about 20 years) my thinking has taken many twists and turns. Years of thinking about the larger world and my place in it.   Thinking of how to live a fulfilling life;  how to be responsible and care about issues that transcend my own interests.   Although this kind of thinking has been the  most difficult for me, causing hair loss and a whitening of the remains, it’s probably the kind of thinking these “think tanks’ are looking for.  I may use all CAPS in that part of the resume.

Although the job seems so attractive, I have a number of ‘nuts and bolts’ questions I’d like answered before I apply.  For example, does one work alone or are there bunches of cubicles each with a desk having a replica of Rodin’s sculpture placed on it? God, I hope not. But maybe the largest issue for me is if they pay overtime.   I haven’t been a ‘nine to fiver’ in a long, long time.  And I imagine that I’m not going to be able to just turn off the thinking when the workday has ended.   So, I was wondering if it would be  unreasonable to expect to get paid for the extra ‘work’.  I’m getting excited  just thinking about it.


One Response to “I Think I Can, I Think I Can”

  1. Rob Says:

    This is a particularly funny one.

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