Roger and Me

This past Sunday was a great day.  Roger Federer finally won the French Open,  the only one of the major tournaments he hadn’t won.  I’m a big Federer fan. Which is a bit of anomaly.  I have a general rule when it comes to public figures: If they’re not following my life, I can’t see any reason I should  follow theirs. In this regard, there needs to be a quid pro quo.   I’ve had this policy for a really, really long time.  As a result, over the years I’ve lost a rooting interest in almost all sports (and some friends).  I haven’t watched the Super Bowl for more than a decade.   I used to see this evolution as a sign of maturity.  I’m not so sure now;  it’s not out of the question that there may be some less-than-healthy underpinnings to this attitude.  But that’s  a discussion for another time.

You might ask why is Roger the exception my rule? I can’t give a definitive answer.  Sure, he’s totally a class act.  Somewhat humble but not overly so.  Thoughtful… very little “jock speak”.  Really sensitive…he cries when he wins and when he loses.   I can’t  figure it out.  I know that I’m overly invested in him.  This, despite the fact from what I can tell,  he has no interest whatsoever in my life.  As I say… anomaly.

The day of the Federer victory was capped by watching the Tony awards.  The whole notion of three hours of self-congratulation kind of rankles me.  (I have to be really, really careful here because I don’t want to come off as mean spirited or too curmudeonly).  To me, plays are entertainment.  To the actors and producers ,  it is ART! ( Unfortunately, that is  the largest font this page will allow for me to privide emphasis.)   But honestly,  is there much difference between what Roger is doing and what we’re seeing on Broadway?  It’s all in the realm of entertainment and I guess  one could make a case that what Roger is doing is as artistic as what many actors are doing.  But the beauty of Roger is that he sees it as something he does… something he practices at and is great at.  He doesn’t ascribe some greater and noble purpose to his effort.  Some of the award receivers at the Tonys act as if they are being honored for  saving _______(fill in the blank).  I don’t know why I find that santctimony so annoying.  It’s no  skin off of my ________(fill in the blank)  Maybe I’m envious.  I suppose that’s possible.   

And it could explain why I’m writing a blog.  My venture as an artiste.   My attempt to make the world a better place; to inspire young people who have a dream of blogging someday.  To encourage them to follow that dream….despite all obstacles. I didn’t get to this blogging on my own.  There were so  many people along the way who helped me get here–too numerous to mention.  But  I would like to thank …..


2 Responses to “Roger and Me”

  1. ed Says:

    Fixation on a male tennis player… Watching the Tony Awards…

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

  2. RB Says:

    Roger Federer never made me cry. I doubt he ever will.

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