State of The Blog and Sex

This marks  the end of my second month of blogging.  I thought it might be a good time to report on what my experience has been like.

My first  posting was sent to my entire email list.  Over the months, that list has been pared to a small core of devoted readers…or at least, people who haven’t taken the time to ask me to remove them from my blog email list.  I’ve been informed that most bloggers don’t send out emails re: new postings.  But, I’m working on becoming more shameless and will continue to email advisories.

As a result of my first mass email,  I’ve  re-connected with some long-ago ‘friends’ with whom I had lost touch.  That has been a good thing.  Not such a good thing is that I’ve insulted some of the  few current  friends I have and may have lost them. It’s possible that my friend count has now moved into negative numbers.  At this rate, it’s going to be a very poorly attended funeral.  (looks like  I may have to join Facebook)  Another downside of the blogging is that the people with whom I work  (luap,de, etc) have clammed up.  Apparently, I have overstepped some unstated bounds.  My bad!   What used to be a fun environment has dramatically changed.  Work has become…..well, work.

A number of people in my life have made it explicitly clear that they don’t want to be mentioned in my blog.  And my girlfriend no longer wants to be referred to as “my girlfriend”.  Unless she relents, going forward she will be referred to as: “the woman I relate to”.(more on that at some other time).  Acquaintances preface our conversations with, “this is off the record, right?”   It seems that I’m  being hamstrung every which way and it’s affecting my creative process.  So, some of  my postings have been …how shall I say….less than brilliant.  But, here I am; still plugging away.  Which leads to the question I’ve been asked countless times (okay,  maybe twice); “why are you doing this?”.

There are at least two reasons..narcissism and egotism.  (I’m not sure of the difference but I wanted to cover all bases)  What else can it be?   But I have to say, it’s a strange feeling writing stuff not knowing if anyone (apart from my blood relatives) will read it.  I liken it to a “tree falling in a forest………”.   But, unfortunately this ‘tree’  has feelings.  So, I check my blog statistics regularly, mostly to see how often this  site is visited and which postings are read. Curiously, the most popular posting was one that had the word “sex” in its title.  I was hoping for a more refined audience, the beau monde, but if that’s what it takes to get a readership, I guess I can go in that direction.  The tricky part will be to somehow weave the sex thing into the blog….no matter what it’s about.  I think I’ve done a pretty good job in this one….no?


3 Responses to “State of The Blog and Sex”

  1. RB Says:

    You can count me in your statistics, but I AM working hard to disguise my identity. If I use a name with absolutely no identifying characteristics are you nonetheless able to see my email address? Will I have to get a special email address just to comment on your blog and remain anonymous? If I sign myself BR instead of RB would you still be able to identify me, or would I be able to thow you off with such a ruse? Can you incorporate a spell-checker into the comment section of your blog?

  2. de Says:

    “I was hoping for a more refined audience, the beau monde…”

    I’ll have you know I consider myself damned beau in this monde! Sounds like the woman who gave Charles Grodiin the title to his autobio: “It would be so nice if you weren’t here.” Guess Grodin didn’t make the cut in her beau monde.

    How ’bout if I dressed better? Shaved every day. No sneakers in the office. No saucy language, staring at female colleagues, questionable internet practices, disrespect, sarcasm or beating you in the crossword. Can I have another shot? At the beau monde?

  3. Maria Basescu Says:

    I don’t know how I missed this one before, especially because it does have the word “sex” in the title. Sorry to hear you have offended so many people already with your blog. But you’re probably used to that. I’m still waiting for the follow up detail you promised on the terminological implications of “the woman you relate to”. AND, I am not technically a blood relative, but I do read, and thoroughly enjoy, your blogs!

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