Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll (without the drugs and rock ‘n roll)

We were having a discussion in my office the other day about housing prices, mortgage interest rates and the like. One thing led to another and naturally, before long we were talking about our sex lives.  I was kind of orchestrating this  discussion which is a bit tricky for me.  I am theoretically the boss here so I have to be  careful not to put myself in a position where sexual harassment issues come into play.   I was very conscious of this as I was talking to Nigel and Daphne. ( I realize that I’ve been derelict in my attempt to maintain Paul’s and Elizabeth’s  anonymity – this is so much easier now that their identities are concealed)

Specifically, I was wondering how Nigel and Daphne handle the situation where they want to have sex and their partner doesn’t… or when the reverse situation occurs. This got into an interesting discussion of who says “not now” to whom, what the response to that is and how  accommodating each of the parties is.  Nigel surprised me when he mentioned that there were times when his wife (who shall remain nameless—I’m not stupid!) will  approach him to have sex when he ‘s too tired.  Being the sweet guy that he is, he agrees to accommodate her if he doesn’t have to do any of the work.  (I’m pretty sure that’s the way he said it…or he may have used the phrase ‘heavy lifting’.  I think I could use a fact checker. )   Daphne was a lot more circumspect when talking (as if I were going to put it on my blog with her real name or something  reckless like that)  Finally, with some coaxing she was starting to talk about  the details of her and her boyfriend’s sex life and  from out of nowhere… and I mean nowhere, the phone starts ringing.    Someone wanting to buy a brownstone or something like. that.  Jeez!

2 Responses to “Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll (without the drugs and rock ‘n roll)”

  1. Jane Says:

    could you add some drugs and rock and roll to this too? lately, drugs and rock and roll play a far more prominent roll in my life. i might be able to relate better. thanks so much.

  2. Kitty Says:

    For some reason, the words “class action” come to mind. Our lawyer will be back in touch soon after I discuss with the gang.

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