I May Be a Dummy…. But I’m Not Inflatable

I had an interesting discussion with my friend, boB(Bob’s pseudonym), the other day.  Actually, more like an argument.  There are a lot of deer in the area where we both have country homes.  And it’s always a concern that a deer may run across the road as one is driving.  So, on roads that generally have more deer traffic, and at night, I tend to drive more slowly and cautiously.  boB, on the other hand, thinks that the faster he drives, the more likely he will be to miss a deer. In other words, the deer that I narrowly avoid hitting by slamming on my breaks would be one that he never would have encountered in the first place, i.e. that deer would be in his rear view mirror.  It’s an interesting thesis but one, I think,  that doesn’t hold water.  I tried, unsuccessfully,  to convince him that there may be deer he’ll approach on the road that I never would have gotten to at all because I’m driving more slowly.  We went back and forth on this but couldn’t agree on anything other than that we both liked our martinis really chilled.  I was left with  a nagging feeling that one of Einstein’s theories is at play here and had I been a little smarter I might have made a stronger argument.  (I expect the physicists out there will weigh in.)  In any event,  there was no use going on with this discussion but it started me thinking about other time/place conundrums. (yes,as you can tell, the real estate business hasn’t picked up that much.)

Sometimes when I leave my house, I realize that I’ve forgotten something.  This can often happen before I even make it to the elevator.  So, I go back to my apartment, collect the forgotten item and start my journey once again…maybe 30 seconds later.  Without fail, the thought goes through my mind — is this the day that that brief delay will put me in a time/place where I  will get hit by a truck; or will it be that very delay that is responsible for  my avoiding getting  hit by that truck.  To date, it’s been all misses.  In some vague way, I know this is related to the discussion with boB.  But this is exactly the kind of abstract thinking that gives me a headache.  For the life of me, I can’t figure out if, in that situation, I’m the deer, me or boB.

12 Responses to “I May Be a Dummy…. But I’m Not Inflatable”

  1. Jane Says:

    There’s a bubbameitzah that I found out really does work: When you return to fetch what it is you’ve forgotten, you MUST sit down before you leave again. If you do this, you won’t get hit by a truck.

  2. Wallenstein Says:

    How much faster than you does Bob drive at night when you’re both hoping not to hit a deer?

    • ironicman Says:

      depends how much he’s had to drink. if it’s enough, he doesn’t even have to be driving to see deer.

  3. charn Says:

    wow, how can that reply written by jane have been written at 11:02 pm, when right now on the east coast it is only 8:59pm on may 7th? mmm, which leads me to believe that the conundrum you have has nothing to do with sitting down, but actually knowing how to tell time.

  4. sheila Says:

    Neil…a bubbemeinzah ( i think that’s the correct way of saying it) is a kind of old wives tale, in other words a superstition… so I wouldn’t count on it protecting you from a potential run in with a deer or anything else.
    bubbe is grandmother… and meinzah is a story of sorts. Hope that helps.

  5. gf Says:

    Not being a physicist I have to rely on common sense. Following your friend’s logic we should all be driving at least 60 miles an hour as we approach those annoying “slow school zone” signs. Am I missing something?

  6. Richard Says:

    I’ll bypass the philisophical part of this particular blog (which I will call pilpul), but as far as Bob’s thinking goes, I ask if he would apply the same line of thought if it were children at play instead of a wayward deer.

    • ironicman Says:

      hi rich… i think this is a similar comment that gf made. i have no idea what ‘pilpul’ but i’m hoping that it’s some hobbit language that means ‘i’m just kidding around….i know this was all said tongue in cheek.”

  7. Bob Says:

    “Deer” Neil,

    Raise your hand if you hit a deer. I believe you raised your hand. Who never hits a deer raise your hand. Mine is proudly raised high in the air.
    I believe my theory also holds true for all woodland creatures…except for the wild turkey i hit last year. I don’t think i was going quite fast enough.

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