Random Judaica – Part Two (I can’t seem to help myself)

I came across an interesting statistic the other day.  According to Wikipedia, there are between 13 and 15 US Senators who are Jewish.  The range is needed because a few are half-Jewish (unknown whether the upper or lower half).  This number does not include Norm Coleman or Al Franken, both of whom are…guess what… Jewish.  So that makes roughly 15% of the Senate.

I was driving with Luap  (if you remember your blog history, you’ll know that this is a pseudonym to protect Paul’s privacy) the other day and mentioned this to him.  I often use Luap as a sounding board…he’s kind of  like a smart “everyman”.  And because he’s Italian he’s invaluable when I need to determine if I’m going too far with some semitic adventure., i.e. he’s my “every gentile”. 

His reaction to the statistic I’ve mentioned really took me aback.  He  wasn’t surprised at all and even offered that had I said that 40% of the Senate was Jewish it would have made sense to him.    Luap’s reasoning is that since most Senators were previously lawyers, it was logical that a large number of them would be Jewish.   I thought that was kind of interesting, although faulty, reasoning.  His perception that so many  lawyers are Jewish may be  skewed by living in New York–where you can hardly swing a cat without hitting a Jewish lawyer.  (which, by the way will, more than likely, bring you a lawsuit you don’t want)  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the presence of mind to point that out to him.    Which might be just as well.  While I take cultural pride in this over-representation,  I think that looking too closely at its origins might take one down a path we’d all like to avoid.  (or at least I would)  Of course, if anyone has some other thesis that doesn’t have even a whiff of anti-you-know-what, it would be welcome.


8 Responses to “Random Judaica – Part Two (I can’t seem to help myself)”

  1. Marguerite Says:

    I agree with luap–most Jewish boys –and some girls–were (don’t know if this is still true) pushed (STRONGLY encouraged) to become either lawyers or doctors ! I don’t think I’ve ever come across a Jewish construction worker or day laborer, have you??

  2. Claire Says:

    hey Neil: call me naive, but what’s the “path we’d all like to avoid”?

    • ironicman Says:

      claire…nice try. but to explain, i’d have to take you (and the minions reading ths) partway down that path. so, maybe i’ll just call you naive. (which has a certain charm)

  3. ed Says:

    I think it’s for the girls. Chicks dig the litigators.

  4. Maria Basescu Says:

    Is ed implying that our senators are gay??

  5. ed Says:

    Maria – not ALL Senators! Not the 150 Jew Senators! No!

    Just the Democrats.

    And, I am –


    • ironicman Says:

      ed…you know i love you so i’m not offended…but gentiles can’t use the word ‘jew’. you have to say jewish person, jewish senator, jewish asshole etc.
      i’ll leave it to maria to explain what she meant.

  6. ed Says:

    I AM ‘de !’

    Gentile, who so loves & admires you all that I’d be honored to be called Edele (‘ED-uh-leh,’ for the goyim)
    And you’d only offend if you said your plight was worse than than that of the Irish…

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