Norwegian Wood

A few days ago my sister sent me an email instructing me not to eat lox.  I thought she was concerned for my health.  Later on I found out she had ulterior motives.  It seems there are  several movements afoot in Norway to boycott Israeli products.  (apparently, a majority of Norwegians are pro-Palestinian/anti-Israel)   Since it is sometimes hard   to distinguish between where Israeli and Jewish enmity begins and ends (Lent has ended….here we go again) we are left to believe that the Norwegians are antisemitic.      So, some in the Jewish community are responding by  boycotting Norwegian products.   In any event, I had some (Jewish) friends over this weekend and served some Jarlsberg cheese.    Well,  they came down on me like a ton of bricks. (after polishing off the wedge).   It seems that’s yet another  Norwegian product I’m to avoid.    So, now I’m on the lookout.  For certain,  you won’t find me   buying one of those cool reindeer sweaters that I look so great in any time soon


3 Responses to “Norwegian Wood”

  1. Jane Says:

    Thank (our) god that not all smoked salmon comes from Norway. (Personally, I have always bought and will always buy French wine, French butter, French mustard, French perfume … I have a Krups toaster oven, and … can we talk about Bernie Madoff?) IMHO, I don’t think a smear of cream cheese and an eighth of a pound of lox is going to obliterate hatred and terrorism. And I’m not sure about the middle east situation and what to do, do you? Try Scotch or Irish salmon (until we find a reason to boycott them).

  2. ironicman Says:

    thanks for the thoughtful comments. if nothing else, you’ve demonstrated that you have eclectic tastes.
    that no one else has weighed in is either proof that i’ve touched a delicate nerve ….or no one reads this stuff.
    it’s almost time for lunch…was going to have a grilled swiss cheese w/tomato on german rye bread. but as i’m thinking of it, i realize how much the swiss have fallen in my eyes by virtue of the revelations of their role in WW11. and the germans? what can i say.
    apart from that audi TT (convertible), i can live without most of their stuff. so…
    i guess it going to be just a good old fashioned new jersey beefsteak tomato for lunch.

    the link to your blog has been added my site. this makes you the only non-family member so included. to have it removed, i’ll need something in writing…signed and notarized.

  3. Jane Says:

    thanks for the link, Neil! hope your grilled swiss was fabulous. and i’m with you, let’s start an arlen specter fan club. i don’t know if he’s going to change the world, but he’s done a very good thing. i’ve asked my daughter to create a cheese ball in his honor.

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